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Don’t Mess With My Bottle 😐

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Bottle Leash Baby Hack

Are you handy with the sewing machine? This hack is amazing and there are different variations that can be made. Every mom has seen toy links used to attach toys to car seat or bouncy chair. What if the toy links had a scrunchy attached and a stretchy middle to play with?! Genius! 

Bottle & Toy Leashes

No more tears because the bottle fell. Colorful patterns to keep baby entertained. Perfect accessory to coordinate with outfits or pacifiers and other baby essentials.

My mother-in-law made several for me when #techkidalex was still #technobaby1 now #technobaby2 is in the dropping phase and these were whipped out to save the day. Attach one to the car seat, stroller, high chair or sit me up chair, even the portable pop and jump activity center. No tears for baby because bottle or toy is within reach and no tears for this mamma because the bottle didn’t hit the ground and make a mess or get the nipple messy and dirty.

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