We are Starry Eyed – MOPS Group 2017

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I ventured to do something new today. I attended my first MOPS meeting. It was great I am going to really enjoy these meetings and two hours baby free!!

We watched two videos that I wanted to share here. One is about sibling rivalry and how to better handle this and the other is a TED talk by Jennifer Senior on having happiness as the goal for our children and how to arguably change this.

Two quotes from the TED Talk:

“Interacting with your friends is better than interacting with your spouse, which is better than interacting with other relatives, which is better than interacting with acquaintances, which is better than interacting with parents, which is better than interacting with children. Who are on par with strangers.”

[kids today are] “economically worthless but emotionally priceless.”

For more information about a MOPS group in your area visit the MOPS org page.