My Baby is Growing Up

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I have been in denial for over a month. A little over a month ago my baby, #technobaby, turned a year old. He is maturing from being our baby boy to an active toddler and little boy. Queue sobbing and tears here 🙂 So with this transition of my baby boy we are also going to move forward with his tech abilities.

#technobaby now has his own little domain!! We are going to retire Moment Garden to not have to pay the yearly fee and use his website instead. His site is now up at and with this there will be a new hashtag #techkidalex!

It is I suppose always bittersweet to see your baby grow up. I am excited about this next phase as he is so alert and exploring all that is around him. His curiosity and love of everything around him is so incredible to watch. It is also amazing to watch him learn more each day.

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