Summertime Babytime – Getting Out and About

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The weather is warming up in Texas! It is time to be outside and enjoy some good old vitamin D.

Now with two I’m figuring out how to get my big boy outside and still have little man be safe and protected from the sun.

From soccer games to swim team meets to just hanging out in the park or the pool how do you get baby in a good spot while big brother plays. Sure I could wear him but he’s getting heavy and did I mention I’m in Texas?! The summers are not cool enough to double up on body heat. Not ideal for either of us. Also at 9 months this little man wants to move around and see the world around him.

These are some products I have purchased that I think will help make the summer memorable with my two littles.

Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome, Grey/Multi-Color

I have had this baby some for a while. I got it as a registry gift and we used it early on for the little guy to sleep. We took it to Grandmas for Thanksgiving and it was used at my parents for overnights early on. The only bummer is that he quickly out grew it for swimming but I think it could still be used for sitting and playing.

Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center

I’ve also had this since baby shower time. It has been awesome!! I even took it to our local play cafe Almost Grown! (Until they purchased one themselves!) It packs up super easily and goes in the car for trips to the park, Grandmas or big boys play dates. It’s also wanders easily around the house. I love how it has places to attach toys but has some built in toys as well. I’ve also heard good things about KidCO – GoPod, Portable Baby Activity Station – Cardinal but opted for the Summer Infant because I loved how it had toys built in.

Baby Delight Go with Me Chair

This is our latest gear of choice it rides around in the car with us. At big boy’s recent Western Day I didn’t have little man with me but was able to lend this chair to another mama who used it the whole day! I love how this can grow with kiddo and will last until they are 75 pounds. Kiddos need a place to sit too!