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Disney Movies Anywhere

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This Tech Tuesday I write from Disney World. Inspired by this I want to share one of my favorite Disney Apps.

Disney fans rejoice. There is a website that makes everyone’s life so much easier. Are you tired of keeping track of where you bought a certain Disney movie? If you are anything like our household, some are purchased at the store, others in iTunes and still others on Amazon video. What a pain to remember where Moana was purchased and to check in three different places!

The Disney Movies Anywhere site works to solve this issue. This site once you have a log in allows you to authenticate with the different services and even enter a code from your physical movie purchases. Once you authenticate with the different services the website does two things:

  1. it allows you to access all of the movies from the apps on various devices. Score easy interface to watch and purchase movies;
  2. it also syncs the movies to all the services you authenticated with. For example, I bought one movie on iTunes and one on Amazon but now if I go to iTunes I see both movies and vice versa.

This is really amazing and truly simplifies the Disney movie watching experience.

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