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These are a few of my favorite things! Disney Movies Anywhere App

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Disney Apps

This Tech Tuesday I write from Disney World. Inspired by this I want to share one of my favorite Disney Apps.

Disney fans rejoice. There is a website that makes everyone’s life so much easier. Are you tired of keeping track of where you bought a certain Disney movie? If you are anything like our household, some are purchased at the store, others in iTunes and still others on Amazon video. What a pain to remember where Moana was purchased and to check in three different places!

Problem Solved

The Disney Movies Anywhere site works to solve this issue. This site once you have a log in allows you to authenticate with the different services and even enter a code from your physical movie purchases. Once you authenticate with the different services the website does two things:

  1. it allows you to access all of the movies from the apps on various devices. Score easy interface to watch and purchase movies;
  2. it also syncs the movies to all the services you authenticated with. For example, I bought one movie on iTunes and one on Amazon but now if I go to iTunes I see both movies and vice versa.

This is really amazing and truly simplifies the Disney movie watching experience.