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If you’re looking for a hobby that you can share with your child, then baking can be a great choice. Why, exactly? Here, we’re going to look at a few advantages of baking that other hobbies don’t quite bring, from the practical to those that make it a little more fun than some of the other choices.

It reaffirms your bond with your child

It’s important that the bond between a parent and child maintains its legitimacy and its reliability as they get a little older. Children start playing with independence long before they’re able to truly be independent. Baking is a hobby that sees a child relying on you being able to provide instructions, as well as to teach and guide them towards the final result. As such, it helps to maintain the positions within the family, which can make you a more reliable parent and can help them learn to be more cooperative, too.

It can have some pretty delicious results

If you want to make the idea of baking together a lot more enticing, then just check out some of the recipe ideas available. You will find a lot of baking ideas for kids involving some pretty sweet foods. That’s because making something delicious can be a very good incentive to get them involved. Tasting the fruit of one’s effort, especially when it comes out so delicious, can be extra rewarding as opposed to simply buying a treat at the local store.

It’s a great way to explore the world

Of course, you can stick with classics such as banana bread, blackberry pie, cupcakes, and the like. But as your child gets a little more competent and confident, then you can find that cuisine is an excellent way to explore the world, especially traditions outside of your own household. Rather than a basic loaf of bread, you could make a paratha recipe, instead. Instead of cupcakes, you could try your hand at parfait. You might find a few new favorites to introduce to the table for breakfast or dessert, and help your child understand more about just how big the world is.

You’re teaching them skills that will be vital in life

Adult life might not exactly see them baking all of the time but if you can bake, you can cook. Kids need to learn practical skills, including food prep because many of them find themselves outside the home later in life without any of the skills that they need to be fully independent. Baking is a great way to teach them a skill they will be using throughout life, but also to help them become more confident about learning new skills in general.

Baking can be more fun, can be quite delicious, can help you show your child more about the world, and can help them learn some vital skills that they’re going to be taking with them into adulthood. Of course, it also helps to strengthen the bond between parent and child. What could make a hobby better than that?