Time Split Between Your Kids And Business? These Tips Can Help

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Starting up and owning your own business is hard enough when it’s the only thing you’ve got on your mind, but if you’ve got kids too it can be even harder, with your time stretched in multiple directions. It is doable, it’s just a case of focusing on time management and productivity. The problem here is that a lot of the time you’ll look at another mom who’s got a business and compare your personal life to hers. In reality, you can’t do that because no two lives are that comparable. You’ll have different skills, different businesses, varying levels of support etc. The trick is finding what works for you so that you can give your business the energy you need while also finding time for the kids.

Keep Them Busy While You Work

This doesn’t mean you’re leaving them in the corner with an iPad. Instead, ensuring they have something to do so you can flit easier between your business and your children. This could be by asking them to read a book aloud to you, or it could lead you to buy transforming Bello at alphatoys.com. Whatever you do, ensure they have something to occupy their time so that they aren’t always looking at you. It’ll give you the time you need to write that product description, ping off an email or check on your metrics. The key is to vary what you’re offering. Do the same all the time, and they’ll get bored.

Make The Most Of The Time You Get With Them

Everyone has been there. It’s the end of a really long shift…and you just don’t have any energy left whatsoever. Maybe you want to lounge on the sofa or watch your favourite show. It takes a lot to stand up and give more energy to the kids. That’s why you need to make the most of the time you spend with them. Especially if you’re super busy. It might be making them laugh with the latest Chuck Norris jokes or having time to take them down to the local park. It can be hard. Really hard. But make sure there’s a little bit in the tank when you get home. This helps in all facets. When you’re working, you’ll be happier because you would have known that you’ve spent quality time with your kids.

Streamline Your Business

You’ll have way more time, not only for your kids, but other aspects of your life, if you streamline elements of your business you’ll simply have more time. For example if you were in Ecommerce, think about automating the supplier process. They buy on your website, and the supplier sends the item to the buyer, you don’t even see it. Check out the dropship Aliexpress business model and it could be something you can utilize. Think about asking for an accountant to do your tax, or an HR specialist to deal with the legalities of employment. There’s so much to think about but once you’ve settled on what you can outsource to streamline, you can spend way more time with your family. Sure, some elements will cost money, like if you were to hire a writer…but in other cases small changes can give you a lot more time.