Teach Your Toddler to Put their Toys Away

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Is your playroom ready for an influx of lots of toys? Get organized with these FREE toy bin labels and bring organization to the chaos of toys. Stop the madness of too many toys everywhere and help the kiddos know where everything goes!

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Teaching Toddlers with Toy Bin Labels

In our house, it’s a constant struggle to keep toys under control and not in every corner of the house. Although my husband would deny it, I do like to have things organized. My MIL gifted me a laminator one Christmas and I have gone to town on different projects. I’m not much of a crafter but if I can use crafts to organize things, yes!! To get the toy situation under control and start teaching the boys that there is a place for all the different toys, I created toy labels for all the things.

I wanted to make the labels colorful and easily identifiable by a toddler who can’t read to understand what goes where. We have in the room we are converting to a playroom, multiple fabric bins in an Ikea bookcase and then I divided “rotation” toys into large bins that could be pulled out week by week.

This has helped tremendously keep the toy situation under control. It has also as a side effect made it easier to give away toys when bins got too full or perhaps a cheap toy didn’t really have a home.

Easily Make Toy Bin Labels

The toy labels can be completed with minimal supplies that you might already have in your craft area.

  • laminator
  • laminator pouches
  • card stock (you can get colorful and color code or use a special color that matches your decor)
  • Bonus! I have a sticker maker to make the labels sticky. This machine can also laminate so you don’t have to buy two different gadgets.

Not complicated at all! I have a special bonus!! I have made toy bin labels so that you can easily label all your toy boxes. Simply print them out (laminate and make sticky if you like) and label all the things. Get organized!

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Free Toy Bin Labels Pin