Travel Money Mistakes to Avoid On Your Next Vacation

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If you are planning a vacation weekend abroad then you are undoubtedly going to be extremely excited. However, this excitement can often cloud your vision and allow you to forget about some important aspects, such as managing and looking after your money. A weekend getaway can easily turn sour when problems on the cash front arise and thus you need to be savvy with your travel money.

Read on to discover the top six travel money mistakes people tend to make so that you can ensure you do not follow suit. 

1. Losing track of your wallet

This may seem like a rookie’s mistake – and that is because it is! However, you wouldn’t believe how many men lose their wallet when they are on vacation. From drunken nights out to sheer carelessness when at the beach; the reasons are endless yet it seems to happen time and time again. The best thing to do is keep the majority of your money in your safe at the hotel and just take out what you need. If you are a big spender then prepaid cards are a great route to go down because even if you do lose them you will be covered. 

2. Exchanging money at the airport

This is a massive mistake. If you exchange your money at the airport then you are going to suffer from extremely poor value – the worst you will find. Why? Well, these companies know that you have no other choice. You have left your exchange to the last minute and thus even if you are unhappy with the exchange rate there is nothing you can do about. Why not use a multi currency card instead?

3. Throwing everything into your suitcase

This can cost you a fortune if you get to your destination and find your clothes are covered in all of your toiletries. It doesn’t cost a lot to buy a toiletry bag, and it can save you a lot of hassle. After all, who wants to spend a weekend away clothes shopping?

4. Going wild on the credit card

There is nothing worse than spending on your credit card whilst abroad. You are almost certain to come home to a nasty surprise. Not only this but if you utilize any card whilst abroad you are going to get stung by charges for every purchase made. Thus you end up spending a lot more than you needed to.

5. Forgetting to purchase travel insurance

You can end up with a costly vacation on your hands if you don’t purchase travel insurance. A lot of people deem this to be an unnecessary expense… that’s until they learn the hard way of course. The last thing you want is for your suitcase to be lost but there be nothing you can do about it. 

6. Not paying for a safe

Last but not least, a safe is another thing some people deem to be an unnecessary expense. However, it would be a massive mistake not to do this. If there is money lying around in your hotel room then there is every chance someone is going to take it. Safes don’t tend to be that expensive either, so between a few of you, it is really worth it.