Unique Gifts to Fill Easter Baskets of All Kinds

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Whether it is your little ones first Easter or 10th, it is a special time of year. It is a unique holiday with a lot of celebration and joyfulness. If your family celebrates religious holidays this is even more so. These gifts will show you appreciate your kiddos without breaking the bank and being too specific to the holiday.

Techie Mamma

Baby’s First Easter

Baby’s first Easter is a special occasion. Shower your little one in gifts that they will enjoy all year long. Sweet Wubbanub pacifier to car toys to newborn photo outfits.

Check out more Easter Basket Stuffers for Baby’s First Easter at Blake without Coffee.

Outdoor Fun

Spring and summer are here! It is time to be outdoors and enjoy God’s nature. Here are some fun toys to enjoy well into the summer months.

Religious Gifts

It is Easter after all if you are trying to share the true meaning of the holiday with your kiddos look at these unique items that they will treasure for years to come.

For Your Reader

Do you have a kiddo who loves books? Check out these Easter fun books to jump into springtime.

Unique Finds for your Easter Egg Hunt

The littles will get an extra surprise when these eggs are hidden for their Easter baskets.

Creative, Imaginative Play and Games

Creative fun play and imagination take flight when playing with these toys on Easter break. Some fun games too to liven things up.

Easter Cuddlies

Who doesn’t love these sweet cuddly creatures? From frogs to lambs to chicks you will find one for each kiddos personality.

Springtime Animals

Springtime animals are the best. Babies of all kinds coming into the world. Check out these toys that will bring joy to everyone’s heart.

Need more ideas for Easter baskets? Check out this list by Stay at Home ZooKeeper or this list by Simplify Create Inspire.

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