4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs the Latest Software Patches ASAP

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If you are someone who gets annoyed when your computer says you must install the latest updates you're not alone!

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If you are someone who gets annoyed when your computer says you must install the latest updates you’re not alone! It’s something that can be a major distraction when we are in the middle of a hefty workload and can eat into our time and productivity. But when it comes to your website it is vital to have the latest software patches; here are some key reasons why:

Fixes Security Vulnerabilities

Consult any IT support company and they will tell you exactly why a software patch will protect your website and therefore your business. A software patch usually addresses security vulnerabilities that were present in previous versions. Hackers look for weaknesses to exploit, and the latest patches protect the website and user data from any cyber-attacks. If your website has a payment platform where users have to input sensitive information, a security breach that lifts all of these will result in a mass exodus of customers and a great loss of trust.

You Are Complying

If you process personal data, you need to comply with data protection regulations. For example, GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, is a very strict law in Europe that must be complied with. When you apply software patches, you are meeting these minimum compliance requirements and eliciting trust from users in the process.

Improves Website Performance

One of the most important reasons we have to update software patches is so we can optimize efficiency in speed. As far as website load times are concerned, anything over five seconds is a major thorn in your side, and therefore you must prioritize website functionality. Software patches address glitches and bugs present in previous versions that could compromise how well your website performs. Faster load times will overall contribute to a better user experience and will boost engagement over time, and it’s these little things that mean a massive deal when it comes to getting traffic to your website that will boost your website rankings.

Helps with Search Engine Rankings

Growing your engagement with tools like SEO is essential, but what many people don’t know is that if you update your website regularly you are complying with search engine optimization in the easiest possible way. Google values website performance and security highly when determining search engine rankings. If your website has vulnerabilities and outdated software, you could be penalized, which can have a great impact on your visibility. If you are complying with SEO to the letter but you are overlooking your website patches and software updates, this could be the reason why you are not doing as well as you think you should.

It is such a simple thing, but if you can keep your website up-to-date with the latest software patches, you are covering all bases. It’s a vital component of managing your website, but it’s a very simple lesson in responsibility. As website owners, we have a duty of care to anybody who will grace us with their presence. We should give the concept of updating our website the respect it deserves.