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The Modern Sitemap Page

Back in the early decade when I taught web design and web development one of the key pages to have on your site was the sitemap page. These days a sitemap is just Google or SEO speak for making sure that Google knows all your pages. In the old days it was similar but it was actually a real live viewable page that anybody could go and see all the content on your site. It was a true gem, especially for large sites.

Techie Tips to Get Your Business Noticed

So, you have taken the big leap, and have turned your dream of becoming a mompreneur into reality. This is the most significant step in your journey toward becoming a successful small business owner, but the big question is, ‘what’s next?’

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Best Google Analytics in the WordPress Dashboard

Site Kit by Google is a plugin that brings Google Analytics and other products into your WordPress dashboard. Analytics is one of the key measures of success for your site. Now with Site Kit by Google, you don’t have to leave your Dashboard to view your stats.

Optimizing Squarespace SEO

Luckily SEO is SEO no matter what platform you choose. There are some extra things that can be done in Squarespace to optimize.