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As we move toward an increasingly virtual world, online learning is gaining attention from individuals looking to advance their careers.

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As we move toward an increasingly virtual world, online learning is gaining attention from individuals looking to advance their careers. There are many benefits to online learning, which makes this format an excellent alternative to traditional on-campus learning. Online learning can help you excel on both a personal and academic level, which ultimately will make it easier for you to meet your personal and professional goals.

Teacher teaches at laptop.
Teaching future teachers how to use technology in the classroom.

In a previous life, I not only attended many an online course but also taught online courses. It truly offers a unique way to learn and have a little more flexibility. In my situation as a doctoral student at University of Texas not all the courses in my program were online so there was still quite a bit that had to be done face to face. That is changing though. As the world changes in these times, the view of doing so much more in an online format is also changing. When the pandemic began, even my son’s speech therapy turned towards online resources.

As an educator at heart, I am always looking for ways I can reach out to more mompreneurs and connect with them via online resources and courses. The Techie Mamma Tribe Membership is focused on just in time learning, a vault or treasure chest of all the topics needed to be a successful DIY Mompreneur.

These are some fantastic benefits of online learning:

1. There is no need to relocate

Since online learning and remote work can be done from anywhere, it’s not necessary for individuals to move or commute long distances in order to attend the program that best meets their needs. Additionally, online learning makes it so individuals don’t have to choose school over work, which is important for those who cannot afford to stop earning an income.

2. It’s less expensive

Not only do you save money on gas, which can average out to $1,300 per person in a given a year, but online learning is also typically less expensive than traditional classroom learning. The average college debt among student loan borrowers in the U.S. is $32,731, and more than 600,000 borrowers have over $200,00 in student debt. With online learning, more people are able to access and afford the education they need to advance their careers.

Additionally, for some people, reduced education costs may make it possible to add to a savings account or even take a course for pleasure. So, if you’ve been wanting to save up for a vacation or take a photography or second language course, online learning may enable you to do so.

3. It’s easier to achieve optimal work-life balance

Online learning allows for a much more flexible schedule. Some courses are live, but many can be taken at your own pace. In this case, you can decide when you want to learn, whether that be at night, during the day, or on weekends. 

When you are more in control of your schedule, it’s easier to achieve work-life balance. This allows you the ability to maintain an active social life or balance the needs of your family with school. Education and professional development are certainly important, but your personal life shouldn’t have to take the backseat.

4. You can create your ideal learning environment

When you are learning online, you can create your own classroom. You can set up your desk at just the right height and find a supportive office chair. Or, of course, you can always just choose to work from your couch. A customized setup is not only more physically comfortable, but can also boost productivity.

5. You can build positive skills

Remote learning can help you immerse yourself in technology and learn the technical skills you need to succeed in your career. You may also find that online learning helps you boost your time management and communication skills. Since there are so many ways to interact with students and professors online, you’ll learn to communicate in unique ways.

For more benefits of online learning, check out the visual below from the University of St. Augustine.

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