AmaLinks Pro for Promoting Amazon Products

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It can get tedious to use SiteStripe as an Amazon Associate for all your embeds. AmaLinks Pro offers a solution where you don't get hit by API limits.

In This Post

Are you a new or seasoned Amazon Associate and need an easier way to set up links in WordPress? Maybe you have an older blog and changed to Gutenberg and many of your embeds went wonky, maybe you are new to the game and the whole process confuses you.

Another Level

If you have been using the default SiteStripe, you know the process can be tedious. For each item you want to link, you have to go to the shortcut, grab the image or embed, and then find the place in the post to insert. It can get tiring trying to add products over and over again. Enter the API, with the power of the API plugins can integrate Amazon more seamlessly into your WordPress site. With these plugins just search for the item right in the WordPress site or just paste in the ASIN number and like magic, the plugin will get everything formatted and looking better than the SiteStripe code.

A Caveat

There is a catch though, unfortunate in many cases but still there. Like all good things there are limitations or general restrictions. With Amazon one rule in their rule book is that you have to make (at the time of this writing) three purchases within the first 90-days of being accepted into the program. Don’t think to just ask friends and family to purchase either as Amazon has crazy ways of telling whether the purchase was “requested” or not. So after you jump through that hurdle, you can start selling even more and use the API right? Ehh, no … if you make a lot of sales, yes, but if you don’t keep a certain amount of sales every month then you do not get keep API access.

Enter AmaLinks Pro

So for all those who want the power of the API but don’t regularly have API access, a new plugin AmaLinks Pro, solves this issue by still giving you the power and ease of API-like integration and giving you the option to have the API or not. Let’s take a closer look:

Amazon SiteStripe Code Embed

SiteStripe has three options, a raw link, an image, and the version above. Not very versatile especially if you have lots of products.

Amalinks Pro Embed

Amalinks Pro has a lot of options for both API and Non-API links. You can do a showcase like the one above in 3 different styles as well as an image link or table or more. It makes it a lot easier to embed items and even helps you align to the center if you like.

With API integration, there are several benefits like getting up to date price, several more features on layout, and more.

Getting started with AmaLinks Pro


Pricing for the plugin is fair. Starting at $67, it’s a small price to massively increase Amazon sales.

Amazon Links in 3 Steps

In just about a minute or less get a premium showcase of your favorite Amazon products. With the API the showcases come even in less time and with more options! Check it out: