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Create Multi-Page Forms Your Audience Will Love

Sometimes splitting up forms into multiple pages helps UI. Multi-page forms can encourage focus, reduce abandonment, and with conditional fields only collect what you need. Whether you are creating an application form, order form, surveys, or more, make things simple and easy for your audience.

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Best Google Analytics in the WordPress Dashboard

Site Kit by Google is a plugin that brings Google Analytics and other products into your WordPress dashboard. Analytics is one of the key measures of success for your site. Now with Site Kit by Google, you don’t have to leave your Dashboard to view your stats.

Tips to Socialize Your WordPress Site

When it comes to WordPress social media, there is a lot to think about. Are you bring in social posts into your website, are you posting to social media or are you using social media for easier social logins or protected content?

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How to Get Started with Ads in WordPress

Are you a beginner wondering how to make money with a blog? Advanced Ads lets you get your ad management under control and organized so you can concentrate on what you do best! Display ads from ad networks like Google AdSense or from your affiliates with custom affiliate code. There are so many ways to customize the look and display of the ads.