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23 Instant Pot Recipes to Prep Before Baby Comes and Free Printable

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When little guy was on the way I had about 6 months experience with the instant pot and was head over heals for my new gadget. I wanted to prep for baby’s arrival with some meal planning but we simply didn’t have the freezer space to do freezer meals and hubby didn’t think an industrial
freezer was a valid investment (I don’t blame him).

So searching around on blogs I came up with idea to put together all the dry ingredients for each recipe and then just send daddy (or relative willing to pick up groceries) for the meat or anything else that might spoil.

I told my mom the idea and she was super supportive and awesome. She had me put together a massive list of all the ingredients and bought it all for us. Then we got together and organized everything into ziplock bags per recipe. I had recipe cards where I checked off what was in the bag and what needed to be purchased. I even put together little containers with the spices and oil. Anything that didn’t have to be refrigerated was placed all together in containers and then into a gallon ziplock bags.

All the recipes I used were what I call “dump” recipes. For the most part all you have to do is dump the ingredients in and set the time for the Instant Pot. I used my AnyList App to organize the recipes and get a massive shopping list. I love AnyList by Purple Cover, Inc. available for iOS, Android and web / Mac App. They make meal planning so easy. You can save recipes directly from the web using your mobile or laptop and then you can add it to a meal calendar and also add things to your grocery list so you have the list handy when you go to the store. They even have a watch app so you can check off the items quickly in the grocery store (this is handy when my 2 year old decides my phone is for him!)

At the end of the day I had 23 awesome recipes put together that were ready to go when baby came. These are the recipes and you can download the recipe cards so you can put them together in the same way. They don’t have to be for when baby comes you can put these together for a full month of meals or just to have handy when you need a meal put together.

Instant Pot Recipes – Techie Mamma
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This group is meant to be a place for new and seasoned Instant Potters to share recipes. Especially family friendly recipes.

List of Baby Prep Recipes

  1. Instant Pot {Pressure Cooker} Ham & Penne Pasta – Julie’s Eats & Treats
  2. Instant Pot {Pressure Cooker} Hamburger Stroganoff – Julie’s Eats & Treats
  3. Bacon Chicken Alfredo
  4. Instant Pot Bruschetta Pasta {Freezer Friendly} – Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict
  5. Instant Pot Cheeseburger Macaroni – Copycat Hamburger Helper Recipe
  6. Instant Pot Cheesy Chicken and Pasta Recipe You Have To Make Today
  7. Instant Pot Cheesy Tuna Helper
  8. Chicken Taco Bowls
  9. Instant Pot Chicken Taco Bowls – Tastes Better From Scratch
  10. Instant Pot Crack Chicken
  11. Creamy Shells and Beef
  12. Instant Pot Homemade Hamburger Helper
  13. Instant Pot Homemade Lasagna Hamburger Helper
  14. Instant Pot Meaty Italian Pasta Dinner | Homemade Food Junkie
  15. Instant Pot Pasta with Meat Sauce
  16. Instant Pot Pizza Pasta Recipe – Family Fresh Meals
  17. Pressure Cooker Shrimp Paella – My Forking Life
  18. Instant Pot Spaghetti
  19. Instant Pot Swedish Meatballs Recipe – Wildly Charmed
  20. Recipe: Instant Pot Weeknight Chicken Burrito Bowls | Kitchn
  21. Instant Pot Macaroni and Cheese with Smoked Sausage — Buns In My Oven
  22. Pressure Cooker Mexican Beef Rice | Magnolia Days
  23. Pressure Cooker Soccer Mom Spaghetti and Meatballs | This Old Gal

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