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5 Practical Ways To Look After Your Mental Health

Mental health has become increasingly focused upon in recent years. More and more people know to take care of it. Figuring out how to look after your mental health can be tricky, however. With how hectic life can be, even finding the time for it can be complicated.

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That Nagging Feeling Called Procrastination

Avoiding tasks you should do is known as procrastination. Most mompreneurs and small business owners think that procrastination is a bad thing. You might believe that, too. But procrastination is actually a valuable warning signal.

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Instant Pot Ranch Hamburger Mac & Cheese

Need a quick meal for a week night that all the kids will love?! Try this simple meal in the Instant Pot. A twist to a traditional Hamburger or Meaty Mac and Cheese. Add a little Ranch to it! Make it a Crack Meaty Mac and Cheese.