FlexClip Video Creator – The Canva for Video

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The FlexClip Video Creator is a fresh new way to create online videos. With videos becoming one of the fastest-growing sought out media on the Internet it is important to have something that is easy and quick to use. FlexClip offers easy-to-use video creation in a super user-friendly environment and pricing that won't break the bank.

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FlexClip $69 On AppSumo

Update April 6, 2023 — AppSumo currently has a lifetime deal for FlexClip available now. Check out the deal for $69.

A while back, I focused my Techie Mamma Live Show on a new tool I discovered called FlexClip Video Creator. I jumped in and the first time I barely touched it and at the end of a 10 min Live I had a video that was actually pretty decent. This is for sure the best thing that has happened to video since sliced bread! It is simple, easy, but super flexible. A lot of stock videos to get started and tons of templates.

FlexClip Video Creator

The best thing is that it is free for a basic plan. If you just need a quick video to throw up and see if there is the engagement you don’t have to pay anything. If you like the tool and want more it starts at 4.99 a month! That is less than one Starbucks visit.

FlexClip is a new powerful video maker to develop quality videos for any purpose.

Key Features

  • Easy & free to use.
  • Choose from a wide range of high-resolution photos, video footage, and music.
  • A clean storyboard allows everyone to trim video, insert text, add music, record voiceover with a few clicks.
  • Export videos in different aspect ratios and resolutions including 1080p, 720p, and 480p.


The pricing for FlexClip Video Creator is incredible. Less than a cup of coffee per month. Less than $60 a year. I have so many tools and this is by far one of the cheapest subscription options. Plus there is a very generous free plan to get started. For bloggers, creators, etc. this is an invaluable tool.

Update April 6, 2023 — AppSumo currently has a lifetime deal for FlexClip available now. Check out the deal for $69.

Pricing from April 6, 2021


FlexClip Video Creator has a great tutorial to help you get started. They offer two tutorials one via a step by step guide and the second in video format that you can watch below.


There are so many templates. From birthdays to business to Social Media and everything in between. I am so impressed with the selection. It is so easy to start from a template and modify to your heart’s content. If you are feeling braver you can start from scratch too.

FlexClip Video Creator Templates

My Test Video

Check out the test video that I did while I was Streaming Live in about 10 minutes. I did not have any previous experience with FlexClip Video Creator so when I went to stream I was using it for the first time and still, I have a great little min video!

Check out my live stream as well to see how easy it is to use!

I am definitely going to be using this for my new intro videos for the Tribe Membership and for all my YouTube videos. The download is standard mp4 format so it can pop right into Camtasia with no problem.