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Virtual Tools That Can Drive Your Digital Marketing

Marketing has always been a challenging task for small business owners. No matter how much time and work you put into something like this, there will always be more to do, and it can be all too easy to make mistakes along the way that will make it very hard for you to make money. To help you out with this, this article will be exploring some of the best virtual tools that can help to drive your digital marketing. This process has never been easier thanks to the array of tools available online.


ClientJoy New CRM for Agencies & Freelancers

In today’s digital age it’s hard to keep track of all the apps and software that are out there but don’t forget about your freelancing business! ClientJoy is a new solution for freelancers to manage all of their projects in one place. 

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FlexClip Video Creator – The Canva for Video

The FlexClip Video Creator is a fresh new way to create online videos. With videos becoming one of the fastest-growing sought out media on the Internet it is important to have something that is easy and quick to use. FlexClip offers easy-to-use video creation in a super user-friendly environment and pricing that won’t break the bank.

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Gamify Your Morning Routine: Kids Routine Apps

Do you have a hard time in the morning or at bedtime getting your kiddos motivated to follow their routine? Check out these unique apps that might help keep kiddos interested and persuaded to follow their routines and responsibilities.

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Google Docs Hacks You Can’t Live Without

If you are an avid Google Doc user, you know just how powerful Google has been able to take the world of word processing to the web. These Google Doc hacks are some of my favorite for giving Google Docs an efficient power up. Remember to use these Google Doc hacks for good because with great power comes great responsibility.

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Why You Should Use The Cloud

Over the past several years, cloud computing is gained popularity among businesses of all sizes. Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs use cloud technology because it is relatively cost-efficient and easy to use. All you need is a device that can support the technology and a decent internet connection.

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Guide to Screen Time in the Age of COVID-19

This time is unprecedented, suddenly we are parents, educators, and still trying to work. If you are like me, a mompreneur, we are now expected to now also educate and entertain kiddos all waking hours. Screen Time in this age of COVID-19 is just about unavoidable but here are some apps that will make screen time quality time as well.