The New Kid on the Block: Forminator WordPress Plugin

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Forms are an essential part of just about every website. They allow your users to interact with you and your website. Forminator is one of the most powerful plugins out there to create forms easily and on top of it, it is free! Check out how to use this plugin by WPMU DEV and start creating some forms.

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A quick search of the WordPress plugin repository and you will find 9,000 form plugins available. That is a lot! Forminator was released almost a year ago and although it is the new kid compared to other popular plugins, it brings some powerful features to any WordPress site.

9000 form plugins available on the WordPress repository!

Forminator, by WPMU Dev, is a free plugin on, that provides a powerful cost-free option for WordPress site owners. Forms are an essential part of just about any website. From comment forms to contact forms to more advanced forms like surveys, polls and payment fields forms, they provide a way for viewers to interact with your site.

Form Builder Options

There are several super popular form plugins but most have a very limited free version or cost for the full version. For several years, I have been a Gravity Forms user. The prices are steep though. There is no free version and the pricing ranges from $59 for one site to $259 for unlimited sites. Caldera Forms and WP Forms have lite versions but their paid versions range from $164.89 – $549.89 and $79 – $599. Ninja Forms also has some steep pricing from $99 – $499.

Since there is no shortage of options – what are the differences between the most popular form builders. Actually, not much! Most have no shortage of options, they tend to actually be fairly similar and user-friendly. The ones mentioned above range in price and for the most part offer the same features but you pay whether you have one or unlimited sites.

Forminator, by WPMU DEV

Whether you want to make a contact form, a sign-up form, a poll, a quiz, or a survey, form tools are the easiest way to create web forms. Forminator offers a fully drag and drop design and offers multiple form fields to choose from. When building a form with Forminator there are a number of different color and structure options as well.

Forminator has over 20 types of fields available in the form builder.

Once your responses start coming in, Forminator will also import each entry into a centralized database and send you notifications when people complete them. With Forminator, you can set up integrations to popular email marketing services including MailChimp, Constant Contact and Hubspot to name a few. Forminator, unlike other form plugins, also includes surveys, polls, and quizzes as different types of forms you can create.

Take a look at how easy it is to get started with Forminator!

Even as a new plugin Forminator has gained popularity quickly and is ranked among the best. Download Forminator today and get started creating complex or simple forms for free.

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