3 Ways to Frugally Get New Kids Clothes

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Kids grow out of clothes like yesterday. Keeping up can be a full time job and super expensive. Check out three unique ways to get new clothes without all the hassle.

JBF Sale

JBF, or Just Between Friends, is a sale that happens a few times a year where you can buy gently used clothes and gear from others in your community. The sale happens in your city and others from your city contribute to what will be sold. It is a fun experience of shopping for those treasures. Check out their website and see when they will be in your neighborhood. You can also sell at JBF and if you volunteer to work the sale you get a higher percentage of the stuff that sells. It is a great model to get new gear and clothes and to sell old gear that your family may not need anymore.

These are the treasures I got for one year. Classic toys and high-end clothes at a fraction of the price.

Swoondle Society

Cute outfit traded at Swoondle Society! Sign Up today!

Jennifer Zuklie, a clever mom of two, founded the Swoondle Society after facing a similar problem we all face as moms. Always having to upsize our clothes for our kids and the amount that costs each year. She started a process where everyone can send in gently used clothes and for everything sent in you get tokens or points. With those points, you are then able to switch out for similar costing clothes that are in the correct size or gender for what you need.

I totally stumbled upon this on New Year’s Eve of 2018 and immediately signed up. With #technobaby quickly growing out of clothes and #techkidalex’s clothes not always in the right season/size for little brother, I have been buying way more clothes than I expected for boy #2. Not to mention needing to still buy clothes for boy #1 as he grows like a weed as well.

I love their mission from the Facebook page.

The Swoondle Society’s mission is to create an easy, hassle-free and fun marketplace for parents to trade their children’s clothing. Our hope is The Swoondle Society will encourage our members to buy fewer, high-quality goods by giving them the opportunity to continuously trade for “new-to-you” items in the right sizes, seasons and genders. By giving clothing a “greater life,” we’re also doing better for the Earth – fewer textiles ending up in landfills. We hope you enjoy “shopping” on Swoondle for all your children’s clothing needs, while spending less and doing it from the comfort of home.

Jennifer Zuklie
Founder & CEO

I am so excited about The Swoondle Society, I have a whole post dedicated. Enter my code TECHMA for 15% off your membership.

Prime Wardrobe

Prime Wardrobe is my absolute favorite way to shop for kids’ clothes. You can add 8 items to your cart and have it delivered and you have a week to try it and decide what you want to keep. For new clothes and shoes, this is all I do. I can make sure that it is the size that is needed and the style that works for my boys. You can still ensure that it is new and top quality and know you can return it if it doesn’t work out.

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