How Mompreneurs Can Keep Up With Technology

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Running a business is hard work, and being a mother is hard work too. Combined them both, and you have hard-work-squared.

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Over time, however, excellent individuals such as yourself can find time to focus on both. What matters is time planning, organization, and being prepared for the future.

However, while the basic norms of running a business seem relatively unchanged, like our children, they can grow and develop much more quickly than we might realize. Technology has redefined and reshaped industries around the globe so much that entirely new business models are becoming viable. 

From remote workers to digital nomads, from home businesses all the way up to content creators making millions a year, the game has changed, especially as it relates to marketing. After all, now companies try to seem as relatable as they can by handing the reigns of their firm to social media influencers capable of communicating with the youth. 

But how can mompreneurs keep up with the latest tech developments and what they mean? Letโ€™s consider some of that advice to save you time, below:

Follow A Few Tech Blogs

It can be inspiring to see how women in tech are flipping the script and investing some real, hard-earned wisdom into the future of how programming languages are developed, how team are organized, and the contributions made to the products we take for granted.  Such wisdom and passion can help inspire you to integrate new platforms in your own business, or develop new skills that help you thrive. With a weekly digest designed for you, you can keep on top of the conversation.

Keep Up With The Social Media Discourse

Itโ€™s important to consider the social media discourse to help understand how certain technologies may influence your area of expertise. For instance, think of how hybrid work is now becoming a norm within businesses, and to what extent you may wish to integrate practices like this into your own. Social media discourse can also keep you abreast of what other businesses in your field (and perhaps even your area) are doing, for instance, what if a competitor has begun accepting cryptocurrency as payment? What does this mean for your own firm, and what does it suggest about what your possible clients are looking for?

Consider New Platforms

From learning how to buy ICP crypto in order to prepare for a Web 3-level blockchain, all the way up to utilizing updated chat programs to keep your team on the same page, considering how new platforms interact and intersect with your workflow can help you standardize your approach.

This can also be worthwhile when assessing outsourcing platforms, such as using sites like Upwork for copywriters, and what value they provide to your business. A careful approach to integrating new tech can result in a waste of time, or it can be highly relevant, such as designing updates to your website and business app in order to work seamlessly on newer devices. 

With this advice, youโ€™ll be keeping an essential framework in place for understanding and keeping up with modern technological developments.