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Hardly any adult in the western world has lived their entire life without having succumbed to some type of diet at some point in their lives. No matter how hard we attempt to change our eating habits, within a week or a month we find ourselves indulging in some delectable and forbidden delicacy that we had previously avoided. Which, after all, is not such a huge issue. If you want to totally change your bad eating habits, you must first identify appropriate foods and eating regimes, and then do everything you can to stick to them. It may take time and effort, but if you put your mind to it and use some of the strategies listed below to change your bad eating habits, you will almost certainly be successful.

Go slow

 It is a fantastic idea to wake up one day and decide to make a change; but, because your physical and mental health is at stake, it is recommended that you start with little steps and work your way up. Instead of eliminating your favorite foods from your diet, you can begin your new eating regimen by avoiding the “bad” carbohydrates but still consuming some of the items that you deem to be healthy. You could look at swapping normal white rice for this delicious quick and easy chipotle cauliflower rice recipe. Without a doubt, fast food should be avoided at all costs because it is a rich source of empty calories. Later on, experiment with substituting healthier versions of your favorite foods. Choose fruit instead of chocolate, whole wheat instead of white flour, and so on. 

Meal planning and prep is your friend

It is essential that you are surrounded by high-quality and nutritious foods if you want to successfully change your eating habits. Excuses such as “I do not have time to prepare healthy meals” and similar ones will just serve to push you further back because you will always be able to find the time. It is possible to create a chicken salad with some veggies and pack it for lunch the next day or to go to a health food store in the morning and purchase both breakfast and lunch at the same time. Maintaining a healthy calorie intake is critical while attempting to change bad eating habits, so you should make smart food choices even when you are at work as well. Proteins, “good” carbohydrates, low-sugar goods, and vegetables, if possible, should be included in your lunch at work, so plan ahead of time.

Eat breakfast

No matter how much time you have on your hands, and no matter how burdened you are with duties and responsibilities, one thing you must not do is skip breakfast. The morning is the time of day when our bodies are most revitalized and physically prepared for new challenges, and they only require nourishment to get them through the day. Try a big bowl of healthy oatmeal with blueberries.  This nutritious selection will provide you with enough energy and stamina to get through the day, as well as make you feel satisfied. If you are still hungry afterwards, you can snack on a handful of cashews, almonds, or walnuts before lunch to satisfy your hunger.