How to Find Your Brand’s USP

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If you are a new small business and you want to quickly embed yourself in people’s consciousness, and you want to be able to spend as little on marketing as possible, then you need to find your brand’s unique selling position right now.

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A unique selling position is the one thing that your business does that competitions do not, or the one thing your business does better than anyone else does. It can be very effectively leveraged to help you establish your brand can beat the competition, but of course, you need to identify it first in order for that to happen.

With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to identify your USP today:

Make a list

Start by listing all of the special features, qualities, and benefits that your product has/brings to the customer. This list should be as extensive as possible because you will need to use it to identify any areas where your business is doing things others are not. You can usually work this out by Googling the competition to see what they do.

Think about your business ethos

Does your brand focus on creating sustainable products? Are you passionate about donating part of the profits to an animal charity? Do you value innovation over all else? Often your brand ethos can be a good source for your USP because, these days, customers are looking to support brands that not only sell great products but who also have passion and care about the same things that they do.

Think about the customers

Another thing you can do to identify your brand’s USP is to focus on the customers. Think about what they want and how your product or service can help to deliver it. From Volvo Penta and its superior marine equipment to Coca-Cola’s uniquely refreshing taste, every product is able to solve a variety of problems, whether it is ensuring a yacht runs efficiently or quenching one’s thirst. Find yours and then think about how your product solves the problem in a way your competitors do not and you’ll be well on your way to identifying your unique selling position.

Focus on branding

Of course, your brand itself could be your USP. If you design your brand so that your products are more high-end, or so that they are more colorful or so that they have a more interesting logo than the competition’s this could well be enough to make your business stand out and give you that competitive edge. Just make sure you do plenty of market research and that you create a brand that is in line with what your target audience really wants or this particular strategy could backfire on you.

Finding your USP and then making it work for you by showing your target audience immediately who you are, what you are about, and how you can add value to their lives, is so important, so do not neglect to find your USP today!