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Whether a mother is at home all of the time or at work, she is going to feel guilt. And it’s time to let it go.

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Almost every mother out there is plagued with guilt. If she’s a stay at home Mom, she’s worried she’s not getting her child out to socialize with other children. She’s worried that she’s not doing enough for them, or her home. If she’s a work out of the home Mom, she’s worried she doesn’t spend enough time with her kids in general. Whether a mother is at home all of the time or at work, she is going to feel guilt. And it’s time to let it go.

Working or not, a mother should never feel guilty for her situation. Why? Because every single mother out there is working hard and doing her best. Whether you are panicking about getting home in time for dinner, or you wonder the importance of school clubs when you are already at home and able to take care of the kids, you need to let go of your guilt so that you can actually enjoy motherhood. As a working mother, you especially need to stop feeling guilty about being at work. Here are all the reasons to let that guilt go and start to shine.

Working Mom — Mommy Guilt

  1. You cannot feel negative about what you’re doing. Yes, you want to stay at home and spend all your time watching your children grow, but it’s not a bad thing to go out to work. Not only are you going to be able to provide financially for your children, they are going to see you thrive. That’s not to say that stay at home mothers don’t thrive in what they do, but working mothers set a different kind of example. You might not have a choice to work, so here you are making it work for your family. That’s a huge positive.
  2. Daycare is there for a reason. Whether it’s after school clubs or daily care, your child is going to shine when they get to spend more time with other children. If you’re staying at home, you need to have an hour or so to be a person – as you were before you had children. If you’re at work, you need to know that you can trust the people who look after your children. Daycare is there to help – so take the help.
  3. Your child is going to thrive. It’s funny; mothers on both sides of the stay home/work camps worry for the same reason: that their children won’t thrive. You can be reassured that whether you are at home with them all of the time or they’re in daycare, they will thrive. Both types of parents can make sure that their child is independent and developing well as a result.
  4. You’re giving your time. As a working mother, you give your time to yourself most of the day. People forget that their children are going to grow up and move out one day. Maintaining your career gives you a lead for when that starts to happen, and you are giving yourself your time right now to thrive in your career. As a stay at home mother, you are giving most of your time to your children, and that can be overwhelming and nurturing all at once. Either way, you can choose when to dedicate your time to your kids – and that’s a good thing!