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Online learning is taking off all around us, between being at home more and not having as many options for in person trainings. If you have skills you want to share, you can create a course right in your WordPress site and offer it to others from simple courses to full on courses with video and more interaction. Another feature you may consider is offering a Membership. Memberships are a great way to have a recurring income solidified and grow your audience.

MemberPress, one of my favorite and most recommended Membership plugins, now has a new featured called Courses. The Courses add-on allows you to set up courses for your memberships all in one plugin. I love this for multiple reasons. First, it is going to be integrated REALLY well there will be no hang up because different plugins are not talking to each other well. Second, there is less of a cost associated with starting a membership. Instead of having to purchase two different plugins one for course management and the other for memberships it is all in one purchase.

With this new MemberPress Courses Add-on not only is it super easy to use with a drag and drop that makes the task painless but it is also affordable. The Add-on is also feature rich offering a gorgeous interface to not only build the course but also to deliver the course. The ability to tie courses with memberships means that in one sweep it solves so many issues. The add-on takes all that complexity and boils it down to a basic, click-and-go process.

LearnDash vs. MemberPress Courses

When comparing to LearnDash, a premium WordPress LMS, there are some features that are missing like quizzes and groups, but honestly these are advanced features that not many will need. I love the simplicity of the Courses Add-on and not having to worry about the additional complexity.  I have been using LearnDash for over a year and I love it, as a previous instructional designer, academic, and Learning Technologies Ph.D. candidate, I do find the additional advanced features a plus. For most others though that have not spent sweat, tears, and years studying course design these features are above and beyond.

Check out my transition from LearnDash to MemberPress Courses for my Life After Blog Setup course.  

3 Steps to New Course Creation

1. Add New Course

Add a new Course under the MemberPress menu and Courses. Create a title, description, and all the regular WordPress goodness.

2. Go to Curriculum

In the curriculum tab, add sections and then lessons to each of the sections. A difference between LearnDash and MemberPress Courses, MemberPress Courses requires sections and then lessons nested in the sections.

3. Build out Content in Your Lessons

Now for the fun part. In each lesson build out your content. You will recognize the familiar Gutenberg blocks to build out content in your course.

Happy Building

Bene Note: The Courses Add-On will be associated with a particular membership for payment. Check out how to create a membership with MemberPress.

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