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We all know to read What to Expect When Expecting but Cassie Pigg has written another book, Mommy’s got a Tramp Stamp, that is an incredible read for all moms to be and new moms. In a very real and raw language, Cassie talks about everything from Postpartum depression and anxiety to securing your moms’ tribe and everything in between. This is a must-read for all new moms, grandmothers, even husbands. It will help you watch for signs and understanding all that is happening so much more.

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I used to be an avid reader and then I got accepted for a PH.D. program then became a mom and all my time went, poof. When I saw the name of this book though I knew I had to get my hands on it and read it! Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp is incredible.

This book talks about motherhood, and especially early motherhood, with real, true, and genuinely raw descriptions. We might be able to all agree that our kids are one of the best things in our lives, but for many of us the first days, weeks, months of our babies life was hard and for many absolutely terrible.

The author of Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, tells about her experience with Post Partum Depression and Anxiety. Something that affects so many moms but without knowledge of how this affects us, moms tend to ignore the signs and then beat themselves up for how they truly feel. I love that this book is an outcry to stop doing this!!

Cassie writes,

Bringing a life into this world brings you to the brink of hell, but if you let it, it also brings you this particular kind of magic that you never imagined existed in your pre-baby world. Mama, it makes you a fucking SUPERHERO!

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 7

One thing she writes about over and over and is something that I for sure was not thinking about during my early days as a mom, is the exorbitant amount of hormones taking over our bodies. Hormones are crazy!!

This quote is just too good. I have to include the whole paragraph:

As if all the damage to our bodies isn’t enough, mother nature likes to sprinkle in these little demons called hormones to mess with our heads. We have a brand-new baby to keep alive, and our brains recieve a tidal wave of hormones at the same time. OMG, the freaking hormones. I literally couldn’t control whether I was laughing, crying, pissed off, happy, or all the above. All the freaking time. There is so much happening physically that when the emotional effect takes its toll, I think every single woman that has ever given birth turns just a little bit manic. Obviously, there is a scale, and I can assuredly say that I tipped that scale. My point is; it’s rough, no matter your mental stability. It’s rough for everyone. You are not alone in feeling sad, scared, joyfully happy, raging mad, and indifferent all within 5 minutes time.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 306

There is so much I could tell you about this book but just go out and buy it! You will not regret it. Every new mom, pregnant mom, and experienced mom needs to read this. Are you going to be a grandma?! Get this book. Even husbands get this book. Know what the new moms in your life are going through. This is not the What to Expect While Expecting book. It is raw, real and centered in the reality of an everyday mom and not some super doctor. There is a Kindle Version and Paperback Version so you are covered no matter how you enjoy reading books.

If you really love reading books on the Kindle and want a TON of free content try Kindle Unlimited! I am a member and can get tons of books for free it is like a library you can check out and return books and get the best content for a low monthly price. It is so worth it!

Here are some more of my favorite quotes from the book!

I was sad, scared, excited, joyful, and devastated all at the same time. It’s a rollercoaster of feelings.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 900

This resonated so much with me. This was literally how I felt for the first several months, especially after my first.

There are so many things continually flowing through our brains, but we are moms. We can do the impossible.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 973

As mompreneurs, this is even truer!!!

As mothers, we need to put an end to this supermom/do it all mentality.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 982

It took me almost 4 years but I don’t feel as guilty now for asking for help whether that is the kids’ get time with grandparents, taking them to a drop-in daycare that they enjoy or telling dad I need a break.

Even though a real work/life balance is probably impossible to achieve, I think the concept of work/life sway is hugely understated.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 992

I have a whole post and writing more about work/life balance and how that is a lie. I absolutely LOVE work/life sway!!! This is something I am always struggling with but I can get behind work/life sway.

The guilt we feel as moms can be overwhelming, and it needs to stop. My friends and I joke about how we always feel like we are failing our kids and our spouses. Laughing helps us cope. When we make a mistake, we tag our failure with #shitmom.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 1124

Mom guilt is what we experience anytime we doubt ourselves or have anxiety about something pertaining to our children.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 1152

Mom’s guilt takes over and we need to stop this. We need to stop the feeling that we are not enough because as in Cassie’s words, we are SUPERHEROES and the one that believes this the least is us as moms.

I am personally trying to focus on the big picture. I have a happy, healthy, sweet, smart, beautiful baby girl, and I am doing the best I can do to be her mama, even if this mama is far from perfect 99.999999% of the time. I’m trying my best to acknowledge the bullshit and let it go.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 1164

Aren’t we all there?! We are doing the best we can and hey we are rocking it in our own special way!

Being a mama is the toughest job in the world, but it is also the most gratifying job you will ever have. It can also be the most thankless, but don’t let that get you down.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 1183

Just reading this made my day and I want to add this and many of these quotes to my wall to remember.

We are also always in each other’s corner, and that is so important. Even if we don’t agree, we’ve got each other’s backs no matter what. You have to keep your baby from running the show. Yea, don’t let the babies get into the driver’s seat. Your life will quickly turn into a living hell.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 1235

We check in with each other and see what we need to do to reach our goals. We are trying, and that is the best that we can do for each other. Remember that whole concept of sway? Well, right now we happen to be swaying in opposite directions, and that’s acceptable. We still love each other and care about each other, but we don’t have the time to devote to alone time together. We’ll get there, but we need to build our empire first.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 1255

The #1 most important thing is that we know that we’re in this thing together, and we’re doing the best we can.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 1265

All these are in a section about relationships with your spouse. This is something that I think hits a hard patch for so many couples. Kids can break up a marriage or make a marriage a lot stronger is my belief. It almost tore us apart but in the end, we persevered and we are stronger than ever. I think it is one of those realities that even if we are told doesn’t sneak in. Having a baby changes your whole entire world. Not to mention all of the freaking hormones. Don’t let your babe run the show. Don’t lose yourself in your baby.

We are freaking superheroes, ladies. As mamas, we have birthed life and nurtured new humans. We can do ANYTHING! We are fucking unstoppable. Now…put down this book, kiss your tiny humans, get out there, and live your best life!! You’re incredible, mama.

Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, Kindle Version Location 1531

I am going to have to ask permission to make this my mantra. As mompreneurs, we want the best for our tiny humans and we want to pursue our passions as well. Remember this!! You are Incredible, MAMA!

Does this sound like a book you need right now? Make sure to go purchase it! You can get it on Amazon in various formats or purchase from Cassie’s website with a special discount for my readers. Use code techmama20 for 20% off up to 3 copies of Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp on the official website.

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