Ultimate Tech Mamma Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

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May is here and with May comes Mother's favorite day - Mother's day. If you have a mom in your life that loves tech this is the guide for you. Many of these have been on my wish list or are currently on my wish list.

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Ultimate Mompreneur Gift Guide

For the Gamer

Anybody into Animal Crossing? I am addicted! Get her a Nintendo Switch and a game that will let her relax and disconnect for a bit. It will be something the whole family can enjoy. If she needs more of her own device because the family switch is taken over all the time, check out the Switch Lite. Get her favorite color and make her day!

For the Fit Mom

In 2020, the times are weird, there are no gyms to workout, and motivation can be tough at times. These wearables help keep us mindful to keep moving, and stay healthy.

For the fitness mom, wearable technology is awesome. Check heart rate, keep on track with goals, and even compete against fellow family or friends.

I am a long-time lover of Fitbit products. I had many of them early on. I never had the Fitbit but have heard really good things about them. I now have the 3 series Apple Watch and love it. The Apple Watch tracks heart rate, reminds me to breathe (amazing how useful that is), tracks activity and exercise, and brings me all my text messages and alerts right to my wrist. This is awesome with two little ones that either have stolen my phone or I have left my phone somewhere to care for them.

For the Audiophile Mom

There are a lot of headphones nowadays but if you have someone who really loves music there are three highly recommended headphones depending on your needs.

My current headphones are the Airpods Pro and I absolutely love them. I wear them when working on the computer and find it nice that I can wear them but still hear major crashes or needs around the house. These iconic and must have buds, are great for the gym or when going from place to place when you need a smaller profile. If you are looking for a little quieter or absolute noise canceling the Bose QuietComfort 35 will not steer you wrong. They are this side of amazing. I use these late at night to watch TV or on airplanes or busy coffee shops.

Apple Lover Mom

If you have an Apple brand lover mom, like I am, there is no shortage of nice gifts!

The new iPad Mini is incredible. It has the small form factor that we all love but now comes with more power and the Apple Pencil. It is the best of all the worlds. The Airpods Pro, have the new noise cancellation and wireless charging which is really nice. I love just setting my phone down on various places around the house (and now in coffee shops and airports) and have it start charging. I have wanted this to come to other devices for ages. Lastly, Apple Watch is such the mom’s handy companion these days. I especially love the feature to find my phone because I am always losing it!

Alexa Loving Mom

Maybe your tech-loving mom likes Alexa more than Siri. There is no shortage of Alexa enabled devices these days. The list is super long!

The Echo Spot and Echo Show are two of my favorite devices these days. I have the Show in the kitchen and love watching videos while I cook. I have the Spot next to my bedside and it is the perfect companion in the bedroom. Thermostats, smart bulbs, doorbells, smart locks, and many more are just a few of all the things that you can get to make a fully smart house powered by Alexa. Check out more Alexa gift suggestions from All Modern Mommy.

What are you planning to get for your very own special Techie Mamma? If these tech gifts are not quite right to check out this list for all types of moms.