Birthday Celebrations During Quarantine

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One of the hardest things as a mama during this time has been having a little turning four and not being able to celebrate with family. Me sure I am turning way old, but he is so excited about his Ninja Turtle birthday, I want to make it super special for him.

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True it broke my heart that he wouldn’t get a super big Ninja Turtle party, but I was set to figure out how to still make the event special and meaningful for him. You only turn four once! My little guy loves Ninja Turtles and everything green. For the past several months he has been talking about a Ninja Turtle cake. A Ninja Turtle cake we could take care of, an Amazon shipment and quick pick up at HEB could take care of that but how could I bring ninjas or Ninja Turtles to this little guy to brighten his day?

Right now his two obsessions are Ninja Turtles and heroes (which the Ninja Turtles are as well). I wondered if in a FaceTime call with the family to blow out candles if we could have everyone wear ninja or superhero masks!! An idea was born!

Super Hero / Ninja Virtual Birthday

I went to work! I am not a super crafter so I had to figure out how to make the masks and send them to everyone in time (which ended up being the more challenging part) for the birthday call on FaceTime. I created an invitation explaining the Zoom call and detailing the superhero idea. I could have had everyone just dress up but that was taking a chance since the youngest possible caller would be 12. I decided I wanted to send some props to help it out and make sure that it was special and everyone could dress up. I don’t sew and don’t craft much so I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off. I did get for Christmas a Silhouette Portrait that cuts and though I hadn’t done much more than paper I was ready to experiment more. Those of you who are crafters are probably laughing at how insanely ignorant I am. Well, the felt I bought did not cut at all in the machine. We went to plan B thanks to hubby of cutting by hand and using fire to seal up a whole for the bungee string. Oh yes, elastic was nowhere to be found because everyone is busy making masks. All right we finally had 20+ masks complete and I could mail (what is that again?) out the packages.

Super Hero Mask Fashion Show

Birthday Song Via FaceTime

We all met up on FaceTime and everyone was still able to sing to him while he blew out his candles. He was so proud of himself to blow out the candles and may have enjoyed the socially distant relatives more than when he is center stage at a big party!

New legos and Ninja Turtles made it a birthday to remember.

At the end of the day, this big boy enjoyed it all very much. All the presents that he opened throughout the day, the cake, and even the masks he thought was super cool. Even if everybody didn’t have their masks yet I felt like I did something a little extra to make his day special. Not sure if 4-year-olds will remember their birthday for much longer than the day but if they do it will be a historic one in the middle of this crazy time and Quarantine.

Have you had kiddos with birthdays during this crazy time? What are you planning to make the day special? Next up is my birthday in June, and then our little guy is turning two in July. I truly hope we are out of this come then!

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Want to listen?! Check it out! 🎉👇🎙

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