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For this Tech Tuesday I want to share an app that we have been using since #technobaby was about two months old. Social media is great way to share memories but we had a challenge where a good percentage of our family did not have social media and still wanted to see those special moments. This included grandparents on #woodbytedad’s side. That’s where Moment Garden enters. Moment Garden offers this wonderful little interface where you can share moments and that picture or video gets sent out to all those who have been invited to the garden. Those invited can also add moments and comment or love a moment when they see it.

Our whole family contributes in different ways. Many “love” moments, others comment on moments and some even share their own moments. This is a great way to get everybody involved. Everybody from cousins and aunts to great grandmothers and great uncles love to see the pictures.

Another awesome thing about Moment Garden is that it is not only captured in the app on the phone or iPad. Moment Garden makes it really easy to take many moments and create a hardbound book out of them to have a truly special momento.

Moment Garden offers a freemium model. It is free for it’s basic features and if you buy the Gold Star membership for$5/month or $60/year you can upload up to 5 minute videos, create collages automatically from multiple pictures and discounts on the memory book.

Try it out, let me know what you think. Download it for the iOS or Android.