Ultimate Holiday Tech Gift Guide For Everybody

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Can you feel the countdown to one of the most magical times of the year? Less than 50 days until Christmas and all the holidays start. Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away and then it is major gift-buying time. If you have some tech-loving folks on your Gift List check out this guide for all the latest gadgets. There is something for everyone on your list and budget.


There is so much you can do with tablets these days. You can even run a full business just from your tablet. With the iPad Pro, you have interactivity with the Pencil Pro and the possibility for a screen as big as a laptop!

I have an older generation iPad mini that I just love! It is perfect for blogging, reading, checking social media, watching shows and everything in between! There are so many options with tablets these days you can find them in all budgets and sizes.

The Kindle Fire is another popular tablet. Amazon started its tablet line with just the Kindle eBook reader and then expanded to a fully functional Kindle with the Kindle Fire. There is also a Kindle Fire for kids that come with a year free of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, a nice selection of apps, games, shows, and books for all different age levels.

There are plenty of options when it comes to Android running tablets. Though I don’t have as much experience with these they can bring the concept of a tablet to family members and stay within budget. These are a few that I found that have great reviews.

Smart Speakers

There is definitely a battle for smart speakers these days. Apple HomePod, Google Home, and the Amazon Echo line. It seems like everything has Alexa built-in these days too!

We have Echo devices just about in every room of the house now. We have smart devices all over so we tell Alexa things like, “Alexa, turn on the bedroom lamp.” We love it. I got the Echo Spot for Valentine’s Day last year and an Echo Show for Christmas. I love both of them! The Echo Spot has since been discontinued but the Echo Show has a lot of different sizes to choose from and their small one is just perfect for a nightstand.

We love the Echos that are in the boys’ room as well. Not only can we control their lamp but with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited once they are older they can have Alexa tell them stories and answer questions.

If you are big with Facebook, check out Facebook’s new device called Facebook Portal, which allows you to call others in a video chat on your TV!


Most women say they can’t have too many shoes. Well, this mama can’t have too many headphones! I have some Beats, the Apple AirPods, and the Trek Air the three that are with me at most times. The AirPods are the ones that are with me no matter what and the ones I usually choose.

It is hard to find just the perfect pair for all situations. The AirPods Pro may finally meet that bill. They are noise canceling and ambient aware waterproof and small and tasteful. I don’t have them (yet) but I look forward to hopefully getting a pair for the holidays.

Smart Home

These days it is easier and easier to have a smart home, from a variety of plugs and switches to smart door locks and doorbells. I started on the smart home bandwagon way before it was cool and so integrated. Today, it is easy to integrate with Alexa it Google hone or Apple HomeKit. There is something magical about saying “Alexa show me the boys” and seeing on the screen your two boys chatting back and forth with each other in the morning.

We have the Ring Doorbell and feel much safer being able to see who is at our front door. We also have the keypad door lock and get notified whenever the door is opened or locked. This has even proven useful with curious three-year-olds wanting to explore outside and learning how to switch the lock. With this alert on my watch, I instantly know there is a little three-year-old being mischevious. We use the Blink cameras as our baby monitors. We can check on them in all the rooms that have cameras and don’t have a device that will only last a few years. With this, the camera moves to be just a security camera in the future.


I’m obsessed with photography. I’m still new but I try to improve my skill every chance I get. There is so much that can be done with a phone, digital SLR or going old school with an instant film camera. No matter what the tool it is so fun capturing those magical moments.

If you know somebody who wants to get started in digital photography getting an entry-level Digital SLR is the way to go. Mine is a step above entry with the Nikon D5300. I love it! The photos are amazing and even though I don’t carry it around a lot I still love being able to capture those special moments.


I’ve had Fitbits since they first came out. I don’t have the new fancy ones that are more like watches. When the smartwatches came out I went the route of Apple because at the time that was my ecosystem by far and Fitbit didn’t have compatibility with Apple health. Now there are so many fitness trackers and accessories that it is hard to keep track of. My boys even have a Garmin Vivofit so I can track the sleep of their little bodies.


I love the new idea of having smart appliances. I don’t have any yet but I love my instant pot and know the WiFi feature would add to that love. There are also Alexa powered coffee makes and microwaves. The new Amazon 3-1 oven looks really interesting. What would your favorite gadgets be in the kitchen?

Kids, Young at Heart

Kids want so bad to mimic the adults in their lives and if you have a lot of tech around it is likely your kiddos will be interested in it as well. The cool thing about tech now is that it can be so educational as well. Want to have your 4-year-old coding and problem solving – there are great toys for that. We have the code a cat up Pilar and love it. It’s fun to watch our big boy control where it will go and what it will do. These are the beginning steps to coding!!

If you want to Check out the full list in one place, check out my Tech Idea List on Amazon.

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