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Being a Mom is serious (hectic) business; add in the duties and tasks of someone who wants to make their business ventures and dreams come true, and you’ve got yourself a Mompreneur. You could say that you didn’t choose the Mompreneur life, the Mompreneur life chose you! However, it’s more likely that it was somewhat of a conscious decision, led by creativity, passion, and belief that you can create a life you’ve always dreamed of. Congratulations! You’ve already made it this far (and you’re doing an amazing job). 

You’ve already got the drive to make your business work for you and your family, which is great, However, sometimes it can all feel a little overwhelming. You might feel stuck and be unsure of how to push your business further, or perhaps there’s a new area of business you want to introduce and you don’t know where to start. Fitting everything into your already packed schedule can be a challenge. Therefore, the following are some ideas on how and where to invest your time and efforts, to gain better productivity and a brighter future as a Mompreneur. 

Invest Your Time Wisely

After a long day, it can be so easy to sit and start scrolling through your social media accounts. Perhaps you head into each app or platform, with good intentions; to update your followers, and upload content; however, it’s always tempting to scroll and check out what other people are posting. While taking a peek at the competition, or just what others on a similar path are doing, is absolutely harmless; continuous scrolling can lead to unfair comparisons and self-doubt (even though it’s often a highlight reel and not a reality you’re looking at).

This can negatively impact your growth and stifle your creativity; both of which you need to push that business even further. Therefore, it’s time to set a time limit on your scrolling, and actively do something else during those hours you’d spend on social media. Whether you invest in business-related training from a company like stl to boost your skills or get that admin done so that it’s not looming over you like a dark cloud; it’s time to take a proactive approach to how you utilize your time. 

Even relaxing is productive (yes, really); a tired mind and body need rest. It’s just crucial that you don’t contaminate those precious moments of well-deserved peace, with unhelpful and negative feelings that may come from endless phone scrolling. 

Stay Within That Budget

Being a Mompreneur and business owner can be so exciting, and the rewards are great. However, it’s vital that you create a manageable and realistic budget, and stick to it! It’ll be a learning experience; however, if you can save any money in different areas of the business, ensure you’re keeping it aside for future expansions. A rainy day fund or contingency plan is something you may need to rely on in the future of your business journey. Therefore, it’s worth making the budget and monitoring your spending habits a priority.

There are always ways to save money; do you need to meet clients or potential suppliers in a cafe or restaurant, or could you host at home? Streamlining items to essentials only, as you find your feet, will save you a surprising amount; it’ll be in that pot, ready to re-invest in your business as you progress. It’s not just money you’ll need to budget for either; your time is so precious! Especially with kids; therefore, make the most of it and be present whenever you can. If you feel like something is not time well spent; learn to say no; fill as much of each day with things that are benefiting you, your family, and your business as a result.

Learn To Step Back When Needed

Obviously, you’re going to be in the thick of your own brand or business; it’s your other baby after all! However, it’s important to step back once in a while to assess, or, reassess things. Take regular moments to consider where the business is succeeding, where it could be doing better, and if something isn’t working and needs to be scrapped altogether. You’ll be able to gain the clarity you need to move forward, expand, and for your business to grow.

Also, there’s never any harm in taking a moment to stop and smell the roses; don’t forget to celebrate those wins and enjoy the ride every now and again! Doing so will help to keep you in the present moment and remind you to see just how far you’ve come.