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Very few moms deliberately set out to become entrepreneurs. Instead, it is usually something that just naturally grows out of them over time. Often, it’s not even a conscious process. They’re just “doing” life, and the result is the creation of a thriving business. 

Generating the Mompreneur mindset, however, can be a challenge. It’s not something that comes naturally to many women. And, unfortunately, that can sometimes hold them back. 

With that in mind, this post looks at some classic signs of a real Mompreneur mindset and how you can emulate it. 

Knowing That Time Is King

Forget money (or even content for that matter), when it comes to the Mompreneur mindset, time is king. Nothing matters more than the number of hours you have available in the day to look after your kids and enjoy your lifestyle. 

Many Mompreneurs get into trouble when they prioritize their work over other aspects of their lives. They get so carried away with the process of making money that they forget why they started their enterprises in the first place. 

If possible, adopt a mindset that sees your time as your most valuable commodity and everything else as secondary. That way, you can continue pushing ahead with your plans while also living your best life

Dedicating To The Cause

Mompreneurs can sometimes get into the habit of viewing their businesses as a hobby – something optional on the side – even if it has a lot of value. If possible, try to avoid this way of thinking. If you’re really onto something that’s making a lot of money, you don’t have to stick with your day job. Instead, you can transition out of it and allocate more time to your self-made business. 

Dedicating to the cause can be challenging. And it involves becoming more financially savvy. But eventually, it pays off. 

Here’s how to become more dedicated to your business: 

  • Learn the necessary skills: Spend some time finding out what you don’t know and then plug the gaps in your understanding. Make sure that you’re able to offer a service that’s at least as good as others in the market. 
  • Get rid of your distractions: Ideally, you want absolute focus when working. Don’t accept anything less. Switch off your social media and phone if you have to and just concentrate relentlessly on the task at hand. 
  • Be more financially aware: If you’re serious about your business, you’ll need capital behind you to get it off the ground. So it also pays to eliminate all your unnecessary expenses and funnel your money towards the projects that need it the most. 

Learning To Love Uncertainty

As humans, we naturally dislike uncertainty. Not knowing what’s about to come around the corner can make us feel anxious. 

But as well-known entrepreneur Dee Agarwal points out, it is a necessary part of life. In fact, if there was no such thing as uncertainty, being a Mompreneur would be an incredibly boring process. You’d always know what was going to happen next.

Uncertainty is actually a friend in business. It’s what stops everyone from setting up companies in your industry and competing for your profits. But seeing that reality can be difficult when orders stop coming in or somebody else sets up another business in your niche. 

Ditching The DIY Mindset

Mompreneurs can also get into trouble when they assume they need to do everything themselves. After a few months in business, many find themselves running around like headless chickens with too much work to do. 

The best approach to dealing with this is to adopt the DIY mentality. You want to be the person at the top of the pyramid, orchestrating everyone else., not down in the trenches. Avoid spending hours of your day on tasks that you could easily outsource for a fraction of the cost. And try to set up systems that will allow you to spend less time in the office overall. 

Embracing The Competition

Many Mompreneurs are afraid of their competition. They worry that they will never be able to compete directly with their rivals. And that’s a problem. 

That’s because Mompreneurs will sometimes progressively lower their prices, hoping that will help them beat the competition. But all it usually does is foster a race to the bottom.

Embracing the competition, however, puts you in a different frame of mind. You become more competitive and determined. And that encourages you to improve your products so that they can compete better with those already out there. 

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