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Once upon a time, before kids, I read non-stop. For busy Mompreneurs Audible makes things a little more achievable to read all the books we have on our list.

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Once upon a time, before kids, I read non-stop. In graduate school it was pretty much a requirement ????. These days, it’s all about reading kids books to the boys. Books for me are far and few between. I recently discovered Audible and fell in love. Now I can “read” books while just having my headphones on and sometimes doing other things like cooking dinner, or cleaning. I love podcasts, and these audiobooks are similar in that many of them it is the author reading the book which I believe makes it fun to get to know the author with her voice. It makes me feel like we are friends, and she is telling me her story!

Although not a super avid reader (even with audible) as I used to be, I have stumbled on a few books that have made such huge impressions, I want to share with the world! I have a whole review dedicated to one of my favorite books, Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, I am excited that we are still friends and hang out online. It is exciting to know someone who has written and published a book. That one in particular is more about motherhood and the all important topic of postpartum depression. These next few books are more about small business owners, girl power, and being a mompreneur (kinda).

Believe It

This is the most recent book I finished and I absolutely loved it. I don’t often talk about cosmetics or even care about cosmetics much, so I had never heard of IT cosmetics but I have fully fallen in love with Jamie and her amazing story. She talks about enduring so many negative responses to her ideas before hearing yeses. And even after hearing a “yes” she went against the norm and challenged the beauty industry to use real models of all sizes, ages, and skin tone, and ended up being one of the largest brands and the first CEO of L’Oréal cosmetics. It’s a truly amazing story.

How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul

This book by Ruth Soukup is a great read for anybody aspiring to create a blog that is going to eventually profit. I read this after having a blog for four years and still gained a lot. She covers from the basics to advanced topics. I love her approach to things and explanation that even if you are writing something similar to someone else, your story matters, your approach matters, and your voice will be different and will reach out to some in ways that others can’t reach out the same. It is truly an important message in this world, because one of the hardest things about having a blog is clicking publish. We get scared that it is not good enough, unique enough, powerful enough and yet it is. It might not be for every individual but you will find your readers and they will be ready for more all the time.

Brave, Not Perfect: Fear Less, Fail More, and Live Bolder

Last but not least, a book by the founder of my absolutely favorite non-profit, Girls Who Code. Reshma Saujani writes in this book how she left everything she knew to start a non-profit for girls. I volunteered for this non-profit after college not knowing that the founder would be one of my mentors from afar later in life. I am not quite finished listening to this book and will make sure to update the post when I do, but I was impressed that Reshma did not come from a background of engineering or computer science and yet she saw this void for girls and went after it.

These are just a few of the books I have been reading lately. Over to you, what are some of the books that bring you massive inspiration in your life?