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Here are some useful hints and tips you can apply to your daily routine to streamline your efficiency to make you more productive.

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Whether you need to streamline your efficiency to make you more productive or address your motivation – or lack of this article will help provide you with some useful hints and types you can apply to your daily routine to make you more productive. Just by installing a few little tweaks to your day-to-day life, you can make a real notable difference to your productivity levels, whether working from home or just tackling the work around the home.

Start your day right


To get the most out of your day you need to start it right. When you first wake up it is a good idea to hydrate by drinking a large glass of water with a slice of lemon. This will not only help to ensure your hydration levels are topped up but can help to get your digestive system moving. What is more, lemons are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that you will reap the benefits from. Just be sure to drink your lemon water on an empty stomach to ensure full absorption.  Don’t forget to keep your hydration topped up through the day, carry a water bottle with you to ensure you keep on top of your water intake. 


Exercise is known to improve productivity and leave you feeling energized. Getting your body with moderate exercise will produce endorphins and increase the flow of oxygen around your body, the by-product of this is that it will improve your mood and energy levels putting you in the best frame of mind to tackle the day ahead. 


When it comes to breakfast not only should you be sure to eat it you want to ensure you are eating the right breakfast to fuel your day and give you the energy you need. Eating a nutritious breakfast can also help stabilize your blood sugar and result in you being less hungry over the day. 

Avoid alcohol

If you want to get up feeling fresh and get the most out of your day try to avoid or limit your alcohol intake the day before. Even small amounts of alcohol can contribute to you having a poor night’s sleep and in turn feeling sluggish and lethargic in the morning, if not the entire day. If you feel unable to avoid that nightly nightcap then consider turning whether external help may be required, Sunshine Behavioural Health is a great place to start should you be looking for a little extra help. 

Set daily goals

Having concrete goals in place can help to increase feelings of confidence and control. If you have specific goals in place it can help you to plan your day around these goals and put everything into motion for that day. When it comes to goal setting be sure to be specific about the goals, don’t just think about the goal you want to achieve but how you are going to achieve it. Also, be sure to write your goals down, research has shown that goals are more likely to be achieved when they are written down. Finally, don’t forget to celebrate the wins. When you have achieved your goal be sure to reward yourself to encourage repeat positive behavior. 

Say no

There will be times during the day where you may be called upon or interrupted, asked to do things you may not want or have time to do. If this happens then don’t be afraid to say no. It is not always an easy word to say but if committing to something you don’t have time for will impact your productivity that day then saying ‘no’ is the best word you can say. Not to mention learning to say no and not overdoing it can help to prevent feelings of stress and burnout. 

Avoid multi-tasking

While many people pride themselves on their ability to multi-task it can actually be detrimental to your productivity. Multi-tasking may actually make you less productive than concentrating on a single task at a time. If you are facing an information or to-do list overload it can result in you not giving your full attention, not completing jobs to the standard you might want, or indeed not completing them at all. If you want to avoid this then focus on one task at a time and do not move on to another until completion.

Schedule in breaks

Irrespective of how time pushed you are you should always be sure to factor in a break, failure to do so will undoubtedly affect your productivity. Toiling away for hours on end will not only see your productivity and efficiency hampered but also the quality of the work you are producing. To get the best results possible be sure to factor in some downtime so that you can return to your goals refreshed and ready to go.