Top 10 Tasks to Give a Virtual Assistant

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Is your business ready for the next level but you just don't find the time to tackle it? There are just too many tasks to handle. A virtual assistant will help you wade through the information to find the systems and processes that work best for you to tackle your task list.

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Is this you?…

  • You’re working when everyone else has finished for the day (sending that last email or agonizing over which word to use in a blog post)
  • Your inboxes fill up faster than you can read them 
  • You have social media accounts or a website that are less than perfect because you don’t get the time to maintain them or post as often as you should
  • You have an ever-growing list of things to research – you know the key to business success could be in there somewhere, but you just don’t have time to do it
  • You love what you do, but you feel like you spend more time on the small stuff and rather than the big strategies
  • Some weeks are busier than others, you don’t need to employ a full-time member of staff but you would love someone in your corner, who knows your business inside out, to jump in when you need them…

Sound familiar? When we have our own business, we try to be everything to everyone. I mean, no one knows our business as well as us, right?

Delegation to a Virtual Assistant

While that’s true in a way, the one thing that really takes your business to the next level is being intentional with your time, only doing the things that need to be done by YOU, outsourcing the rest, and maybe most importantly of all, not overloading yourself so that your business is no longer enjoyable. 

A virtual assistant can step in and transform how you work. As well as taking your to-do list and getting it done, virtual assistants are bad-ass at organizing and streamlining. There are endless options for project management, calendar management, email campaigns, workflow, CRM…you name it, there’s software for it.

A virtual assistant will help you wade through the information to find the systems and processes that work best for you. 

Everything they do is to give you back your time so that you can be fully focused on new ideas, strategy, and making connections (and all for much less cost than an employee!). There are no limits to the scope of what virtual assistants can do for you  – they might not be bringing you your coffee every day, but they certainly can arrange for it to be delivered!

Top 10 Tasks for Virtual Assistants

  1. Internet Research
  2. Create & schedule email campaigns
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Moderate & reply to comments on different channels
  5. Help with blog postings (finding images, editing, posting)
  6. Organize Meetings/Conference Calls
  7. Chat Support
  8. Calendar Management
  9. Data Entry
  10. Bookkeeping

Top Virtual Assistants Experts

General Virtual Assistant Tasks

Green Desk Virtual Assistance

Rachel can take care of just about anything on your to-do list in addition to get processes completed for anything that is needed. Check out her vast array of services to help get your business to the next level.

Get in contact with Rachel at

Graphic Design

Firefly Design Studio

Firefly Deisgn Studio

Nancy can do any of your graphic design needs and she does it with full passion and soul. She will take your vision and create it in the most special way that only a true artist can.

Get in contact with Nancy at

Writing and Editing

Gill Hill Writing Services

Gill Hill Writing Services

Gill can take care of all your writing needs and has great packages ranging from doing it all for you to helping you fine-tune the copy you already have.

Get in contact with Gill at

Tech Coach & Web Design and Development

Techie Mamma

Techie Mamma can help with all your website needs and setting up more complex processes that involve technology. Want a course website within your main website, I can help. As a Tech Coach, I help you the DIY mompreneur get the job done. In the end, you will know how to do the tech as well as I do!

Schedule a free 30-minute tech help on anything you need help with! I want to get to know more mompreneurs and the incredible things that we are doing. This is not a sales call! I promise. Book here! If you want to book me for a project let me know more about how I can help!

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