WordCamp DFW (#wcdfw) Key Takeaways

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I am so excited to participate in my first DFW WordCamp. This will close out all my local Texas WordCamps! This is not quite my twentieth WordCamp (my eighth!) but the number is closing in.

  1. WordCamp Austin 2012
  2. WordCamp Austin 2013
  3. WordCamp Austin 2014
  4. WordCamp San Antonio 2015
  5. WordCamp Raleigh 2015
    WordCamp San Antonio 2017 (I had tickets and then I broke my foot)
  6. WordCamp Austin 2017 (Organizer woohoo)
  7. WordCamp US 2018
  8. WordCamp DFW 2019


These are the sessions that have caught my eye. The cool thing about WordCamp is that it is laid back and if one session is not working for you you can go on to the next one or even skip some and network or get some work done. There are so many great topics I am sure I will want to be in two places at once. Luckily, all the sessions are recorded and will be available on the WordCamp channel on wordpress.tv. Some key sessions and takeaways from DFW are below.

Succeeding as an Introvert

@AaronCampbell discussed his journey of being an introvert and eventually how he has succeeded as an introvert! As an introvert, it was so refreshing hearing him talk about his journey and learning what he has been able to do to survive and succeed as an introvert.

First, take away for me was to be content and know you are an introvert. I have always known this because I love studying personality temperaments but it was a nice refresher. Trying to change your temperament will be a losing battle. Learning more about the brain and how the brain works as an introvert and an extrovert was super cool. As a learning junkie, I want to learn more and more about this. His strengths of being an introvert resonated with me, being content being alone, a good listener, prepared, preferring written communication, and recognizing that socializing takes ALOT of energy. Thinking of all this in terms of my business, I am re-energized to do things a little differently.

Introversion is not a Weakness!!
Introversion is not a Weakness!!

Check out Aaron’s slides at: https://adcwp.me/wcdfw2019.

Aaron recommended a couple of books for further reading: Quiet The Power of Introverts and The Introvert Advantage.

Also, check out videos by YouTube channel Neuroscientifically Challenged, recommended by Aaron.

The Power of Recurring Income

Nathan Ingram is well known in the WordPress community. Check out the free webinars sponsored by iThemes training for some great topics. His session on Reoccuring Income was eye-opening. I do have some sources of reoccuring income but as a business owner that can provide so much security and it is beneficial to look for more sources and ways to set up more reoccurring income.

Changing Recurring Revenue can change how quickly you reach the burn rate.
Changing Recurring Revenue can change how quickly you reach the burn rate.

If you want to check out his slide deck, visit https://nathaningram.com/wcdfw/ and sign up for his session downloads.

5 Things to Avoid When Launching an e-Course

This was a much-needed session and I didn’t take as many notes as I should. Hopefully, it went deep into my psyche. Great advice on what to avoid when launching an e-Course. There are so many things to think about and I will soon be launching a course so I have to make sure to avoid these issues.

One mistake: Waiting Until Launch Day Before Promoting
One mistake: Waiting Until Launch Day Before Promoting