What Every Mompreneur Should Know Starting a Business From Scratch in 2021

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Despite the ongoing pandemic, all hope is not lost. There is still a better and brighter future for anyone willing to go the extra mile to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential. 

Starting a business from scratch or with no money can be daunting. However, provided you have various resources such as passion, interest, experience, knowledge, and others, this is more than possible.

Almost every woman wants to start and manage a business. This is because a business, no matter how small it is, comes with a wide array of benefits. You become more independent; you can finance your needs, improve your lifestyle and have personal satisfaction, to mention a few.

If you had thought about starting your business in 2020 and did not, you might want to consider starting one in 2021 using these practical tips.

Be Realistic About Your Goals

All too often, most people tend to set goals beyond their reach and end up failing in starting and running a successful business. However, when starting a business from scratch, you should consider setting realistic and achievable goals. Don’t just set any goal without being realistic about it or not being honest with yourself. 

It would be wise to take your time and assess where your interests lie. Have an entrepreneurial mindset and don’t consider a business idea simply because your friend is doing something similar. 

Identify what you want, and evaluate yourself to know whether achieving those goals is possible. It would help if you then created a plan to stress your commitment in achieving your business goals.

Research Your Immediate Market

When setting your business goals, you can be even more realistic by assessing and researching your primary market. This doesn’t have to be something big. It can be as simple as selling products to your neighbors, friends, and church mates or delivering stationery to a neighboring school. 

This is what to research about your primary market:


The first thing you should research is the level of competition existing in the market. And this will be significantly influenced by what products you should sell. If you want to sell hair and beauty products to your neighbors; research by asking a few close ones where they buy their products from.

Go ahead and ask about the quality, packaging, pricing, and delivery methods. Doing so can help you identify a gap your business will fill. For instance, if none of the beauty stores sell their products online, you can build a free website for your new business that will enable you to advertise and sell your products online.


When researching your customers, factor in some of their unique needs that no one is meeting. This can help you build a successful business. For instance, if your neighbors want someone who can sell clothes within the neighborhood, consider starting a clothing business.

Financing Options

Do you have enough money in your account to start a business? If not, what are some of the financing options available that you can take advantage of? Starting a business from scratch will require you to consider all financing options available. This could be getting a loan, donations from family and friends, and savings.

Consider Partnering with a Friend

When starting a business from scratch, you do not have the luxury of not seeking help. While you can be hesitant about such a move, taking this huge step can turn out to be one of the best decisions.

Partnering with a friend, neighbor, or family member with whom you share the same interests can lift a huge burden off your chest. You will share knowledge, funds, connections, and so much more, leading to a successful business.

Focus on What You Are Good At

Having an interest in something does not mean you will excel at it. But focusing on what you are good at can be the only way to succeed when starting a business from nothing. If you have special skills in a specific area, work on that!

For instance, if you are good at baking but have interests in IT, you should consider starting a baking business. You will be surprised at how much you can succeed at what you are good at, rather than what you are interested in.

Keep Everything Simple

Like every other entrepreneur, you will get intrigued by many business ideas. However, if you want to excel in something, don’t be in a rush. You also don’t want to venture into something complex. Therefore, take your time and begin with something simple. Start small and work your way up the ladder!

You should expect to make a lot of mistakes when starting a business from scratch. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be an excuse not to make a move. Use the above tips to get you started on the right path to owning a business.