How to Start a Clothing Business on Your Own

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With more and more of us finding ourselves working from home or facing a change of career, you may be wondering if there’s something else you could be doing for yourself. Starting a  clothing business is a great new business venture and one which is potentially very profitable. In the USA alone last year over $350 billion dollars was spent in the clothing sector. Why not aim to take a slice of that pie! But, how does one get started with a new clothing business? Read on to find out our top tips for budding clothing entrepreneurs. 

Business Plan

First thing’s first, you need to create a Clothing Brand Business Plan. As will all businesses, you need to sit down first and work out exactly what you want to achieve with your new idea. There are many questions that need to be answered. How big or small do you plan on being? What kind of garments do you want to sell? How much money can you invest at the beginning, and how quickly do you envisage earning that money back? Maybe most importantly, you need to think about your style and where you see yourself fitting in within the fashion world.


Let’s face it, with clothing, people tend to find a brand they love and stick with it. Your branding is crucial to your success. You need to think of a short and catchy name, depending on what vibe you are going for. You’ll also need to put some effort into your logo as it will most likely become synonymous with your brand, forever. You want your brand to be instantly recognizable and desirable.


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Once you have your business plan and branding ready to go, you’ll need some apparel to sell! Whether you’re going for t-shirts, jeans, jackets, or anything in between, there is no point in launching without a couple of products to sell. You can design ideas or logos yourself on software tools like Canva, Photoshop, or ask for help from a professional designer if you don’t feel you have the skills to make something perfect. Make sure you have a vision for what you want everything to look like in advance, whether you design it for yourself or seek help. 

Web Store

Products designed, logo sorted, and business ready to launch. What’s next? You need to get online. The easiest and most simple way to launch a clothing brand is through a web store. There are plenty of e-commerce platforms available for you to choose from. WooCommerce the powerful platform that is just an add-on plugin to WordPress, allows for great flexibility in your current site. If you are just starting fresh, the Astra theme + WooCommerce Plugin on the WordPress Platform combine to make things super simple. You should also get yourself on social media to try to drive more people to your store.

Follow these simple steps to get your start in the clothing game. With any luck and some great designs, you’ll be selling shirts online in no time. And, whether this is a plan to top-up your wages, or a business to be your main focus, we hope you find success.