Are You Slipping On These Marketing Banana Skins?

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When you are setting up a business for yourself, one of the key aspects that you need to get right is marketing. If there are any issues with your marketing campaign, then it could mean that you won’t get the right level of reach or gain the maximum potential with your business idea. Here are a few of the mistakes that you definitely need to dodge completely.

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Simplifying Marketing Tactics

One of the first things that you need to avoid is making marketing tactics too simple in your head. Marketing tactics like SEO may look simple on the surface but we promise there’s a lot that you don’t understand. After all, search engine optimization is an umbrella term and doesn’t just involve keywords or adding links to a page. Indeed, most of the best marketers are relying far less on these concepts and you should definitely consider doing the same.

Spending Less Than You Should

You definitely need to be realistic when it comes to spending on marketing for your business. You can’t get away with spending nothing on your promotional campaign. If you do this, then you could end up in a situation where you are going to be struggling to see virtually any level of profit here. Again, you won’t be able to reach the size of the audience you need for your business to be a hit. So how much should you spend on marketing? Experts recommend your marketing budget should cover about 20% of your total budget. This is true, even if you’re running a small company.

Engaging In Bad Tactics

There are a lot of bad tactics that you can accidentally get involved in when marketing your business. For instance, you could get into the habit of buying follows on social media. The issue with buying follows is that you’re not going to see much engagement from fake followers at all. This can actually make your brand seem far weaker, particularly when it’s revealed exactly how many of your followers are actually organic. It’s possible that you end up in a situation where trust in your brand is damaged.

Another tactic that you need to avoid is negative SEO. Negative SEO is where you pay a business to write some poor reviews or articles surrounding a competitor. Generally, this is considered to be a tactic that hits under the belt. It can also lead to a rather nasty rivalry. At the end of a heated competition like this, there probably won’t be any winners at all because you both are going to have lost a lot of the support from your followers in both the long and short term. Beware of marketing companies that recommend tactics like this.

We hope this helps you understand some of the marketing pitfalls that you need to avoid and the best ways to guarantee that your business actually beats the competition. If you take the right steps marketing your business you are going to immediately put your company in a far stronger position.