How to Teach Your Kids About Different Cultures

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One of the things that always made our world so great was how diverse it is. Those cultural differences shaped everything around us. And with the internet today, we have never been more aware of how different yet similar we are. There are many benefits to learning about each other cultures, traditions, and ways of life. It makes coexistence easier. It also makes us more open and understanding. It’s never good to forever be in one place and never explore everything that the world has to offer. By learning about others, we learn more about ourselves. But it is safe to say learning experiences are different when you are an adult versus when you are a child. There are many ways to teach your kids about different cultures.

The methods have to be educational and entertaining because kids have limited attention spans. But as many researchers have shown, exposing kids to different cultures from a young age is extremely beneficial. Kids become more understanding, kinder, and respectful of others. They also do better at school and, overall, prefer better at various tasks.

There are many ways to teach your kids about different cultures

  • Traveling
  • Food
  • Music
  • Films
  • Language
  • Books                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Traveling is the best way

There is no doubt that out of all the ways to teach your kids about different cultures traveling is the best. Nothing can replace the feeling of visiting a new country and seeing everything with your own eyes. It’s also incredibly entertaining for kids. They can see firsthand how different people live and what they do.

A plate of pasta with tomatoes.
Cooking with your kids is a great experience.

It’s also a great way to prepare for moving with kids to a new country. Traveling with kids to a new country before moving there is a great way to get kids acquainted with their future home and a great way to explain all the benefits of that to them. Traveling somewhere allows kids to experience a different way of life more vividly than any other way. These were all the pros of traveling. There is only one con, but it’s a big one. Traveling is not cheap, and many households can’t afford it. But thankfully, there are other ways to teach your kids about different cultures.

Food brings us together

A crowd at a concert, because music is a great way to teach your kids about different cultures.
Music always connected people.

There is a cheaper alternative if you can’t afford to travel with your kids to a different country. One of the integral parts of every culture is its cuisine. And teaching your kids about different cultures through food is fun and educational. So make it into an unforgettable experience. Pick a traditional dish from a country and find the recipe. And then make it with your kid. Kids will be excited about having that experience with you and learning. Teach them about different foods and ingredients people use and why. And in the end, you have a delicious meal. Make it a tradition and do it every week. The more you cook, the more you learn. It will teach your child to appreciate other people’s cuisines more and broaden his tastes.

Music as a way of understanding

Music has always been a thing that connected everyone across the globe. It breaks down language barriers and distance barriers. And kids love music. It’s a winning combination. Play your kids some traditional songs. Teach them how they were made and why. That way, kids can learn about different sounds and instruments. As a bonus, teach your kids about traditional dances that are a part of those songs. Play some songs from the most famous artists in a particular country to your kids. Maybe they will become a fan. And if they do, you can perhaps go to a concert together and have that educational and entertaining experience.

Bridge the gap with films

An audio-visual medium is the best way to get kids interested in something. That means films, documentaries, and cartoons. Today there are thousands of options. And not long boring documentaries that are hard to keep up with. You can find great kid-friendly ones that are fun and interactive, but you still learn a lot. Cartoons are probably the easiest way to kids’ hearts and minds. Find the most popular national cartoons in a country and watch them with your children. That way, they will learn how kids from different parts of the world live and what they like to watch.

The language barrier

Here’s another excellent way to teach your kids about different cultures. Help them learn a new language. It is good that kids already have a foreign language as a subject in school. But that doesn’t mean they can’t learn more in their free time. And not just through boring studying. There are ways to make learning a new language fun. Watch foreign cartoons with subtitles, and listen to foreign music with written lyrics. Try to teach your kid a new word every day. There are many benefits to that. Your kid will be more innovative and understanding. Also, according to experts at, kids who know foreign languages adapt to new environments more efficiently. So it’ll come in handy if you ever decide to move with your kids.

A stack of brightly colored books
You can teach your kids about different cultures through books

Books are a great way of learning

And finally, we have come to the traditional way of teaching your kids, Through books. Before the internet, TV shows, movies, and documentaries, there were books. There are many great children’s books and writers all over the world. Fairytales have always been children’s favorites. So pick a traditional fairytale from a country you want your kid to learn more about and read it to your kid. Kids like to hear stories before sleeping, so this way, you will definitely have their attention. You can also try to sing them some lullabies that are popular in different cultures.

In conclusion

Whatever way you choose to teach your kids about different cultures, it doesn’t matter. The only important thing is that they are learning and growing. Kids exposed to different cultures from a young age grow up to be kinder, respectful, and more accepting of others. It also makes them more prepared for future learning and ready to take on any challenge.