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One of my new favorite apps is called Smart Mockups.

Choose from so many options including scenes or standalone photos.

Do you ever have to create mockups for clients - maybe show them how a business card is going to look or a design for a website on various devices. Smart Mockups makes it soooo easy. Just plugin in the URL and poof it grabs it and it will grab whatever resolution size it is importing it into. It is awesome. I used it to document all the websites I have done in my portfolio!

In the digital world you can choose what type of computer or device or tablet. You can mock up social media. This is a win for Virtual Assistants trying to show clients how something will look in Instagram! It is a win for web developers or web designers to show off a portfolio of responsive friendly sites. It is a win for graphic designers showing off designs for business cards or layouts. It is a win for product designers to show how something will look on a pillow or so many items. You can even mockup a truck and add your logo or design to the side of a 18-wheeler. It is pure magic!! Check it out and get your free trial, just about any industry I bet you could find a use for it!

Show off your website design on multiple devices at once!!

They use photos and digital assets from many different sites, including many I mentioned in an earlier post. There is just so much that you can do with this site. There is a free version that expires after some time and a premium version will cost you $108 a year. If it is something that you are finding yourself do on a more than regular basis, it might just be worth the investment. There is also a free version with limited selection of options but you still get quite a few options. One thing I noticed is that you do not get the multiple device options from the free version that I used heavily in my portfolio.


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