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Instant Pot Creamy & Thick Greek Yogurt

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I LOVE yogurt. Like I can eat it for all my meals every day and not even notice. I have been told while pregnant that I needed to slow down on yogurt and eat other things. I LOVE yogurt. When I found out that you can make your own yogurt in the Instant Pot I flipped out!

I soon researched all the recipes out there for Instant Pot Yogurt and tried I think just about every single one of them.

The process is LONG but it is not hard. I am a lazy, inexperienced cook and it didn’t take long to master this treat. The ingredient list is simple, milk, yogurt (as a starter), and I add whipping cream.

The long process starts by adding the gallon of milk and heating to the proper temperature. Once it is heated it needs to be cooled in an ice bath to another temperature. Finally, you add the starter yogurt and let it incubate in the Instant Pot for several hours. I have two modifications to the recipes I have found on the interwebs. First, at the point where you add milk, I also add about 8oz of heavy cream or whipping cream. Second, I let it incubate for a lot longer than most recipes tend to recommend. I believe the default is 8 hours. I incubate for about 12 hours before testing it out.

Lastly, if you want greek yogurt (I didn’t know this until I started making yogurt) all you do is filter out the extra whey from the yogurt.

I use a specific kitchen gadget/tool but I have heard others say you can do it with a coffee filter.

Yum, yum, yum!!!

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Instant Pot Greek Yogurt
Passive Time 10 hours
Passive Time 10 hours
Sanitizing the Pot
  1. Add three cups of water to the Instant Pot cooking pot, lock on lid and close Pressure Valve. Push the Steam button and adjust time to 5 minutes. When Beep is heard, open Pressure Valve (Quick Release). When all pressure has been released, remove lid and dump out the water. Dry and cool off cooking pot.
Preparing the Milk
  1. Pour Milk into cold/cool Pressure Cooker cooking pot. Cover with IP Lid or Glass Lid. Close the Pressure Valve, if desired.
  2. Push Yogurt button and then the Adjust button, until it says "boil." {For IP Plus, push Yogurt button until it says "boil"} A few times during boil cycle, remove lid and whisk Milk.
  3. When Beep sounds, open lid, whisk and take temperature. If the temperature is not 180 degrees, repeat last step or use the Sauté/Low function to get it up to temp, whisking continuously.
  4. When 180 degrees is reached, remove cooking pot and place in kitchen sink full of cold water. Cool Milk down to 95-110 degrees, whisking often.
Incubating Yogurt
  1. Temper starter - scoop out some Milk and whisk in the Starter. Pour Milk (w/the Starter) back into cooking pot, whisk thoroughly.
  2. Place cooking pot back into the Instant Pot and cover with IP Lid or Glass Lid. Press Yogurt button.
  3. The display screen will say 8:00 (hit again or Adjust, if necessary). {For IP Plus, press Yogurt button repeatedly until the display says 8:00 Normal} Make sure display says "Normal." Use the +/- button to adjust time to your desired level of tartness. The program will end after whatever time you have set to incubate.
Cooling Yogurt
  1. When Cycle ends, remove cooking pot (covered) to refrigerator, until cool, 6-8 hours (undisturbed).
  2. Use a Yogurt Strainer and strain the yogurt in the refrigerator for at least two hours. Your whey should be translucent/clear. If the whey is cloudy, add another layer of cheesecloth/butter muslin to your straining device. The Euro Strainer should produce clear whey.

There are so many awesome Instant Pot gadgets and tools. These are my favorite accessories when working with the Instant Pot.

Food thermometer to make sure you have the right temperature for the milk.
Nut milk and Greek Yogurt strainer
Instant Pot Duo and the above versions have the yogurt function.

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