8 Reasons to Vivi La Dolce Vita – Learn A Second Language

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Everyone has heard the phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words, or music is a language without words. Both of these transcend the spoken language and go immediately to other senses of sight, hearing, and sparks an emotional reaction as well.

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Without a need for a language we have things in common with the humanity that resides on the rest of the planet. But alas, we donโ€™t just communicate with pictures or music, we use spoken language to communicate, and with every language we learn, we can not only communicate with more of humanity but also embody a somewhat different personality that reflects that languages culture, and nuances. The ability to speak multiple languages is something that I explored from a young age and think is one of the most important skills to posses.

Take this quote by Emperor Charles V –

“I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my dog.โ€

Emperor Charles V

We can embody different personalities by the language we speak.

Have you been considering the prospect of learning a new language? It’s not an easy task, but there are many benefits to learning one. A new language can boost your brain power, open new cultures, help your career and even raise your self-confidence. You can find an abundance of free resources that will help you learn another language, so there’s no excuse!

โ€œTo have another language is to possess a second soulโ€

by Charlemagne.

Why not learn a new language to enrich both your life and yourself? Read on for 8 Reasons Why You Need to Learn a Second Language as a Mompreneur.

1. Travel

Free Reflection Exercise!! ????

Make your experience better by learning the language of the country you are visiting. This will allow you to communicate at a higher level with locals and make an impact on your travel experience. It’s also easier to get around and manage the day-to-day tasks if you can read street signs and menus. The ability to ask for directions and understand the responses is also helpful.

My family travelled to German for the 2006 World Cup. My parents didn’t speak any German and on our first taxi ride to a soccer game, my language skills came in handy since the Taxi driver did not understand English.

2. Challenge

It’s not uncommon for our brains to get a bit rusty as we grow older. We can slow this down by challenging the brain with new experiences on occasion – one thing you might try is learning another language. Learning new vocabulary and grammar takes up your time and energy, which you could use to better understand other topics or gain more skills in something else. Learning a new language is one of the most rewarding and challenging things you can do for your mind. Learning a new language is one of the best ways to challenge your brain and form new neural connections.

Research shows that we store secondary languages (as opposed to our native language) in a different part of the brain. This means if someone has brain issues, they may be able to speak in a secondary language but not their first language.

3. Friendships

In medium or large cities, there are native speakers of almost any common language. New friendships are waiting to blossom with language learning at its core. Many cultures are much more social than that of the United States. One day, you may find yourself living the best life ever. Vivi la dolce vita! There are so many free methods online to learn a new language. Some even offer mentors who need help with English while you champion them in their home language.

Some of my best friendships have been with Spanish speaking moms who are raising their kids to speak both Spanish and English. Although I don’t feel my Spanish is fluent enough to do this I am always happy for the extra practice.

4. Impress

Stand out from the crowd. Not many people in the United States can speak another language – you’ll be the envy of everyone at parties and with your potential dating partners if you can speak more than 1!

In the early days of studying German, my professor said I had an Italian accent. I didn’t know any better and brought some of my Italian and Spanish to German class.

5. New Possibilities

You may not know a lot of languages, but the more languages you know the better. Knowing a language has the potential to expand career opportunities and gives you more options on future jobs. For example, knowing Spanish might help you find a job as an office assistant or as a translator. Knowing Arabic may offer opportunities as an interpreter for some international companies. It also closes the door to jobs

I am addicted to the Netflix show, “Emily in Paris”, the show illustrates how Emily should have learned French before moving to Paris and accepting the position at the marketing firm.

6. Better English

Learn another language. Researchers have found that speaking another language not only helps with your understanding of other languages, but also improves your English skills. You’ll develop a better understanding of the language’s grammar and sentence structure because you’re constantly analyzing it.

My grammar is unfortunately poor in every language I attempt, but learning Spanish & German to the extent I did, helps understand the technicalities of grammar better than ever before.

7. Cultures

Gain a greater knowledge and tolerance for people in other cultures and their languages. By understanding the nuances of a language, you’ll gain insight into the culture in which it is spoken & be less biased.

We can embody different personalities by the language we speak. Just like Emperor Charles V who says,

“I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my dog.โ€

Emperor Charles V

8. Gain Confidence

Learning a new language will boost your confidence in yourself and in your ability to learn new things. This extra confidence can enhance your life in general.

I love languages and everything you can do with them, but as an introvert and generally shy person, speaking was the most difficult for me. My friends helped with this by being gentle when I butcher phrases and pronunciation. I also found that drinking a glass of wine can give one a little extra confidence to just get started and reduce those inhibitions ????????.
Salud, Alla Nostra, Sante, Prost

Learn Spanish faster than ever, with our native teachers.

Which language would you like to learn? Is it one that fascinates you or one that’s practical? Hopefully, you can find one language that does both. Much of the rest of the world is able to speak more than one language. You can join the global community by learning to speak another language. Your self-confidence will also receive a big boost.

The Homeschool Spanish Academy is a great way to learn Spanish. They offer classes taught by native speakers from Guatemala and are able to connect at many different levels. They offer classes for everyone starting with Preschoolers all the way to High School credit for homeschoolers. It’s an affordable way to learn Spanish, picking your favorite teachers and making your own schedule.