7 Ways To Self-Care with the Matriarc App

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Self-care can be hard, especially when a newborn is involved. Follow these steps and use this wonderful app dedicated to moms getting the self-care they need. #matriarcapp

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Unfortunately the Matriarc app is no longer available at least in the US. Check out another very timely app called Mom Stuff.

Baby has just arrived and we all know that with so much attention on baby, we as moms take a backseat. We are sleep deprived, milk machines trying to soak in every moment with our new little one. Whether a first-time mommy or your 10th I think this is all something we share. It is in our core. We want to put our little human first, especially in the first few months when they are so helpless on our own. One thing though I have learned, unfortunately, is not always a positive way, is that in order to be able to be there for our kiddos we have to take care of ourselves first. We can’t give ourselves unless we have something to give. It is still a balance I struggle with every day. I end up eating leftovers of my son’s lunch when I realize I haven’t had a chance to eat in the day or stay up late working just to realize the next day that I should have taken the time to sleep and rejuvenate instead. The hardest times to reach this balance I think are those first few months after the baby is born. Not only do you have so much to do for your little one but as women, our bodies are going through so much as we are no longer pregnant and readjusting. Mind and body are attempting to find it’s new normal.

The developers of the Matriarc app set out to address this need of self-care and help mind and body return to normal. They have developed an app that integrates community, connections with articles and tips, exercises and guided meditation.

1 The Matriarc feed or connections section of the app has various articles from many different sources from food to breastfeeding to losing weight after the baby comes.

home feed in matriarc app

2 The second section called Matriarc Practice focuses on the body and exercises for after baby comes. The exercises start slow and build up to rebuild pelvic muscles and everything else that gets out of wack during pregnancy. I love how it is step by step because truly the last thing you want to do but really should be doing is exercise once the baby comes. Baby boy is 6 months old and I am just starting to get back to the gym. I am clueless though on the proper exercises to restrengthen everything and this app is helping me focus on that.

exercise tab in matriarc app

3 Matriarc Mind is gorgeous and perhaps my favorite section!! It is divided into 3 subsections. This took me a second or so to figure out but once I did I loved it.

Matriarc Mind Section

4 The meditate tab is self-explanatory and has several guided meditations that are awesome! The meditations are 3-4 minutes each which is perfect because we all know when there are littles around much more than 4 minutes and they can destroy the whole house (at least my 2-year-old can).

meditate tab in matriarc app

5 Restore is pretty cool and has several different “scenes” to choose from. Above is the clouds option and below is the tropical beach option. Choose from options to find your happy place 🙂

screen shot from the matriarc app

6 The Breath section helps you take a moment to catch your breath and breathe. Breath is very similar to the Apple Watch breathing app. The graphics help you focus on your breathing and take deep breaths in and out. This will help relax and recenter your mind.

7 Lastly, the Matriarc Community is a section that I think can grow with time and as the app becomes more popular. It is a kind of social scene for the app and mamas who use it. The topics are “Get Motivated”, “Nutrition Tips”, “Parenting”, “Physical Health” and “Support and Community”.

You can get inspired by a quote or go into one of the other sections and reply to prompts that are available. It’s a really cool idea but without a lot of people using it, it may be lacking some engagement.

Overall, I really love this app. I think the developers are selling themselves short by just advertising it as a new mom exercise app. There is so much more that it provides and the focus doesn’t just have to be on new moms. I love the sequence of exercises and meditations.

The app is available for iOS and is completely free. My understanding is that there is a premium version in the works but for right now there is a wealth of goodness in this app that is 100% free. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be available for Android and I am not sure if it will be in the future. Download this app mamas connect with others get your mind and body rejuvenated one little step at a time.

Unfortunately the Matriarc app is no longer available at least in the US. Check out another very timely app called Mom Stuff.

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