Mom Stuff App Helps find Truth About Surviving Motherhood

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Get this the Mom Stuff App and get the support you need in those early days and beyond.

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Baby comes and everyone expects you to love the bundle of joy and everything is amazing, wonderful, incredible. Yes this is true but there is so much more going on with us as moms, our bodies just went through major trauma, our hormones are raging and making us crazy. Get this the Mom Stuff App and get the support you need in those early days and beyond.

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There are so many things to think about when the baby comes it is crazy. The focus goes instantaneously from a mom who was pregnant moments ago to baby and mom is gone. This was my experience with both my boys although I loved the hospital and staff, it was still very much the case that when the baby was born, mom became a secondary concern. I get this, it is super important that baby is taken care of as he emerges into the world, but I think the thing we are so in denial about as moms and as a society, is everything that is going on for mom too.

So much of this is discussed in Cassie Pigg’s, Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, which is a must-read for every new mom, soon to be mom, all family members of a new mom, and partners of new moms. There is absolutely so much going on with mom and so much that can change the course of how those first few months go.

Mom Stuff

Cassie and her company, Mom Stuff, are dedicated to educating everybody about issues that can arise post-partum. Cassie Pigg has authored the book Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, has a website and store and has an app called Mom Stuff.

Mom Stuff App Home Screen

The Mom Stuff App takes all of this a step further and puts resources and community in the palm of your hand and on the go.

There are four main sections to the app. The Piggy Bank, Wrench, Apple, and Heart. All four of these sections together build community, understanding and bring real support for new and experienced moms alike.

Four sections in the Mom Stuff app.
Four sections in the Mom Stuff app.

The Guilt Bank

The first section called the guilt bank is my favorite area because I suffer so much from mom guilt. I think all moms do at some point. We feel we are not enough in one way or another for our kiddos. We need to be careful though that it doesn’t take over our lives. You are the best you can be for your kiddos and that is the most important thing. It may not be perfect 100% of the time but nobody is perfect and the expectation of moms being perfect is crazy. This section lets you write about what is guilting you at the moment and get responses from the community. As I am writing this I am feeling guilty because I am about to pick up my kiddos after a day and a half (two nights) of them being with their grandparents but between my back thrown and my migraine I am not ready to see them. It’s terrible but it is not. The weather is crazy and giving me migraines, I spent a good chunk of yesterday launching DIY WordPress the Right Way, and I should not be guilty that the boys got to spend time with their grandparents who love them and spoil them and take very good care of them.

Mom Stuff App Guilt Bank

PPD&A Resources

This is such an important section. There are still so many moms and families of new moms who do not know about PPD&A. One thing that surprised me the most is that you don’t necessarily suffer from depression or anxiety pre-baby. It can come just post-pregnancy. If you do suffer then you may be more likely but still, miss the signs. After my first was born, I went to my endocrinologist and told him I was exhausted and couldn’t function, he sent me away with a shrug assuring me that as a new mom this was the case. Little did we know at the time that body thought my thyroid was in super overdrive via medication making me manic.

That is my story, Cassie has hers, you may have yours or you may not but it is so important to know the warning signs and not be influenced by the stigma around it. It is a disease just like a cold, it is treatable and you can recover from it but you have to first realize that you have an issue.

The app features resources, education, and support. Straight from the app, you can talk to a counselor at BetterHelp, call the suicide prevention hotline and text postpartum support line.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness area has some great articles on everything from eating right to keeping your family active. This reminds me of the Matriarc app which is 100% dedicated to self-care, health, and wellness for new moms. This section also features exclusive content that is just in the app.

Mom Stuff Health & Wellness section.

Mom Stuff Website

Mom Stuff Banner

The last section links to the Mom Stuff website. The website features more resources on PPD&A in an effort to educate and bring awareness. Cassie is truly leading the crusade to change the conversation. The website includes a blog section with great topics as well as postpartum resources, links to the podcast, her book and a great store with some awesome fashion!

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