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MemberPress & Zapier are a match made in automation heaven!! Use Zapier to automate all parts of your membership.

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It’s no secret I am a HUGE fan of automating everything. As much as I can get out of the process of something the better. The secret sauce to automating is Zapier. The magical little tool Zapier. That along with the workforce Membership Plugin MemberPress and its is awesome!!

Let’s Break it Down


Membership sites are a great way to make recurring income online. If you’re thinking of starting your own site, one of the first things to do is research where your membership content will live. MemberPress is one of the most popular membership platforms and a WordPress plugin. As a WordPress plugin it is super flexible and easy to use, as a membership platform it is extremely powerful and super cost efficient. Unlike other membership platforms like Kajabi or Kartra, MemberPress is a one time purchase with an optional annual purchase for updates and support. MemberPress also offers a Courses feature making it super easy to integrate courses into any memberships created.


This magical little tool makes it super easy to create what they call “zaps” that connects any two (or more) apps together even if the apps do not have a native integration. It is truly magical. Usually to create these integrations you would need a developer to look up both APIs and write another application that connects both apps together. Zapier does this with a few clicks.

Zapier boasts more than 3,000 apps, so there is a good chance you can Zap together any two apps you are working with. I like to do Zaps that connect ConvertKit with other apps that I am using. So for example, my scheduling app Book Like a Boss doesn’t connect natively but I have a Zap that if anybody books they are added to my email list with the appropriate tag. Another popular automation is social media or email attachments. You can save new Gmail attachments to Google Drive or pin your new Instagram posts on Pinterest. Imagine not worrying about finding that attachment again or auto-populating your twitter stream without needed another app.

Connecting Apps for an Awesome Workflow

Integrate MemberPress and MailChimp

The combination of Zapier and MemberPress is golden. MemberPress brings in all your people, all your fans and Zapier, Zaps them to your other systems. In my case MemberPress has built in ConvertKit integration but if someone used MailChimp, a Zap could send every new member to the correct MailChimp list.

Another workflow that is super helpful is adding every member that signs up to a Google Sheet, to keep track outside of WordPress. I also like having in my calendar my members renewal dates so having a Zap that would automatically populate a calendar so I could later send out anniversary emails is perfect.

Let’s take a look at that breakdown. I added a zap for every member update but there are several options including subscription, cancelled etc. There was a little trial and error and talking it through (my rubber duck at my side) but I did it!

This is a full breakdown of the steps needed to setup your Zap! What Zap will you create?

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