Why You Should Start A Topical Skincare Brand Right Now

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They say that many of the best business ideas come from people finding ways to solve problems in their own lives. Often, big brands begin as tiny micro-enterprises where people are trying to figure out how to solve an annoying problem for fun. It’s only later that the penny drops, and they realize they can make money from their hair-brained schemes. 

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A lot of women have direct experience of this when it comes to topical skincare. Instead of using commercial products, they’re making their own. 

There are all sorts of reasons for this. Some are doing it for environmental reasons. They want less hormone-disrupting phthalates going into the water table. Others are doing it because they want a more natural feel on their skin. They don’t like the idea of slathering themselves in untested synthetically-created chemicals. Still more women are experimenting with lotions that improve their skin quality without irritating it – the holy grail. 

In this post, we explore all the reasons why mompreneurs should start a topical skincare brand. 

Reason #1: Trust

Many consumers – especially on social media – don’t trust the big cosmetics brands. They worry that they’re bastardizing their products with all manner of chemical horrors. 

But they don’t assume the same of mompreneurs. In fact, they will likely recognise you as one of them, just trying to solve a problem. 

Don’t underestimate the power of trust. The more you have it, the more people you’re going to attract to your enterprise. 

Reason #2: Support

Practically going about building a topical skincare brand is much easier than you might think. Setting up a website takes all of a few minutes. And then you can get third-party providers to provide custom cosmetics packaging and distribution services. 

All you really have to do is sell the brand. You do this by communicating the advantages that your skincare products offer compared to the competition. If people know that you made them yourself in response to your own concerns, they are much more likely to buy from you. 

Reason #3: Demand

When the world returns to normal, people’s skin is going to need help. Many women have been in their homes for the better part of a year now without really venturing out. And it’s had an effect on their complexions. The lack of natural sunlight and fresh air takes its toll.

Demand, therefore, is likely going to be high going forward. A lot of people have spare cash because they haven’t been spending money on vacations or travelling. So there’s definitely a market out there. 

Reason #4: Holes In The Market

Believe it or not, there are still holes in the topical skincare market. No product has it all. 

For you, that’s an opportunity. You just need to define your unique selling point and then move forwards with the business. Executing usually just involves putting all the pieces in place and then getting going. Once the brand starts rolling, your job should actually become quite easy. 

So, what do you think about starting a topical skincare brand?