Why TV Doesn’t Have To Be A Bad Thing For Kids

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If you think of TV and kids, you’ll probably have a negative idea in your head - after all, aren’t we meant to be reducing kids’ screen time and making sure they go outside more often and move around a lot more? 

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The answer is yes, we are meant to be doing that, and it’s great to include exercise and fresh air in your daily routine, but that doesn’t mean TV is a bad thing – it really depends what you’re watching and how you use it. Since it can be part of your routine just as much as exercise can, let’s take a look at why TV doesn’t have to be a bad thing for kids. 

It Can Be Educational 

The great thing about TV is that it’s not all about mindless entertainment, and there are actually many different educational programs available for kids to enjoy. In fact, these shows are designed specifically for children and they’re made to stimulate their minds and teach them life skills, which could include anything from numbers and letters to history or even cooking and household chores

When the TV is used for education as well as entertainment, it can be a fantastic addition to your kid’s formal education, giving them new skills and knowledge and reinforcing the ones they’re learning at school. 

Great For Bonding Time 

One often overlooked aspect of TV is how it can be a great way to bond with your kids. Watching TV or movies together can be a shared experience that brings you all closer together not just in the moment, but afterwards too, especially if the show or movie you chose gives you a chance for some in-depth discussions. 
Whether it’s watching your favorite sports team play, laughing at some comedy, or learning through a documentary, these moments are all-important, and as your kids get older and start to live their own lives, they’re a great way to keep in touch. If that sounds interesting, you can watch family friendly movies here, so why not take a look at what’s available?

Boosts Imagination 

Although you might assume that TV doesn’t give kids (or adults, for that matter) any chance to be imaginative or creative, it’s actually the opposite that’s true – watching a great show can spark creativity and set kids off on a new path (one that also happens to be good for their brains). 

This creativity can come from learning new things, as we mentioned above, but it might also come about because the kids are being exposed to new ideas, or they want to emulate the people they see on screen. They’ll also get more curious and ask questions, and that’s a good want to boost creativity as well. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s good to be concerned about screen time for kids, and TV does play a part in that, but as you can see, there are benefits as well, so finding the right balance could definitely be a positive thing.