Learning Fun 101 Summer Camps

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#technobaby turned a 1-year-old! For that reason last week was a little crazy prepping for his little party (and because I was overly excited it became a larger party). I am back though and hope to keep up with posts from now on. This post I want to do a little shout out for the summer camps provided by Learning Fun 101. They provide robotic and lego camps for children ages 4-14. (Only 3 more years until #technobaby can participate). Their mission includes bringing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the ARTS, and Mathematics) to more kids at an earlier age, and they want to make STEAM irresistibly FUN.  They are an amazing company locally and owned by women. They truly care about the community and children. My best friend’s oldest son participated in a camp and absolutely loved it. Learn more and consider sending your #technokids to an educational, fun and creative camp.

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